Meal Planning!

When I was on bit for more a tight budget a couple of years back I used to be the queen of meal planning!

I knew exactly what we were having each day, exactly which day I would shop and although it sounds a little geeky I felt so much more organised and on top of things.

Since the girls dad and I went our separate ways I have steadily got more and more lapsed over what I am spending and how I plan it out. I’ve been working on a blog project recently (will be live soon) to monitor my spending over a period of time and instantly I was so shocked to see how much I have been spending/wasting on food.

I found that with no real plan and structure to the weekly meals I was quickly nipping into more expensive shops, eating out more and spending more on convenience foods. I knew it was time to take action so I am getting back to my good old meal planning ways.

I filmed a little food haul video over on my youtube channel; it’s really quick but just shows how much you can get and how well you can feed a family for the week for around £50.

I will do a full video on how I meal plan in the next couple of weeks but for now heres a peak at this weeks plan.

Monday – A spicy sausage pasta
Tuesday – Chicken stir fry 
Wednesday – Salad with hard boiled eggs 
Thursday – Roast chicken – left over chicken for sandwiches 
Friday – Chilli with rice and salad 

I am off on holiday Saturday which is why its only a short week for us but what I bought will be more than enough I have frozen some chicken will be freezing half the chilli once it has cooked for the I return.
I hope his post has been useful, I plan to continue with them each week as it will give me some structure and meal inspiration as well!




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