Longleat Festival Of Lights

The girls and I headed off to visit Longleat last week to experience the Festival of Lights for the first time! I had heard such great things about the event which runs throughout December we couldn’t wait to get down there.

We’ve been to Longleat once before, it was when they were in the process of setting it all up since seeing that I have always been intrigued to go back and see it finished.

Longleat Festival of Lights

I knew it was going to be pretty busy as tickets were sold out for the day, it was advised to leave extra time for the safari so we headed there first, it wasn’t too bad a little traffic as we first entered the enclosures but nothing the kids couldn’t handle I would just advise a trip the the loo’s first and taking some snacks.  The girls were so excited to see the lions and wolves, they love seeing them so close just casually walking past the car it’s so much more real than just watching them through a fence in a zoo. I did a little video if you’d like a peak at our day..

The main reason most will visit at this time of year is to see the festival of lights, it is the perfect way to get yourself in the festive spirit. Around 5pm darkness falls and the park is lit up; we watched the magical christmas tree light up and tell us a christmasy tale in the courtyard before wandering around seeing the different displays.


The attention to detail is perfect, I thought to myself before how entertained will the kids be by some lights but these were on another scale so they were all really impressed.

As it started to get late we went in search of dinner, despite there being places to eat at Longleat everywhere was rammed it as impossible to get a table big enough so instead we headed home and stopped off on the way home for some grub!

It was a really fun day out perfect for the festive period, I will be taking the kids again next year for sure.



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