Must have gifts for girls this christmas

For weeks and weeks I have been thinking about what to buy my little girls this christmas; this year has been so tricky, there’s nothing they particularly need and there’s nothing that has really caught their eye. Of corse they have pointed at copious amounts of crap on the tv declaring they desperately need it but I hate buying for the sake of buying, I want to get them things that not only will they love and enjoy but that I wont hate the sight of in two weeks.

So first up I have a few gift idea’s for children to share – share, children! I know it sounds like an horrendous idea – I have three girls all with in three years of each other so there interests are actually pretty similar and as much as they can have a good old row over toys they do also love playing together so if you are in a similar boat here’s some ideas.

gifts ideas to share

  • Books -My girls love reading we have a story or 5 every night cuddled up in my bed. So every year without fail we find some new books under the tree, they love seeing them and immediately decide which they’ll be having that night.
  • Games – Depending on age there are some fab little games around nowadays that the kids can enjoy together, I recently discovered Bella & Boo. The cutest little site with a great selection of gift ideas we have the memory game and house jigsaw puzzle which the girls are going to love.
  • A Dolls House & Furniture – The girls actually have this exact dolls house already and still play with it each day, they enjoy playing with it independently or all together. It is definitely one of those items that they will get loads of use out of, you can read my full review of this particular  one here.
  • A Wigwam – I have wanted one of these for so long! This is totally a gift I will be enjoying just as much as the girls. I’ve picked up this butterfly and flower design from big game hunters, I plan to have it set up ready for christmas morning and I would put money on all three diving in and me not seeing them for a good half an hour. They’re fab as endless games can be played with them indoors and it can be put outside in the summer too.
  • A kitchen – Yes my girls already have a play kitchen but I’ll be honest it just isn’t big enough for the three of them to all play together. They get in each others way, they get arsey and its just not a pretty sight. I like the look of the new Cook and Learn kitchen from Little Tikes because it’s just that bit bigger, it has two sides and plenty of space for them to all play. I am going to be reviewing in full next week with a little video so if your looking at this kitchen as a gift idea keep an eye out for that.

Now I’m moving on to those must have gifts for christmas 2016, those toys all of our kids are asking for!

2016 must have toys

  • Baby Wow – This is Lottie’s must have toy this year, she hasn’t stopped going on about it – honestly I think they look scary but if it will make my girl happy – she can have it!
  • Hatchimals – Dare I even mention them without causing out roar… Definitely the most sought after toy of 2016, the kids are going mad for them and the grown ups are going mad trying to find them as they seem be sold out everywhere. *Whispers* my girls have one each – Sorry. I hope they come back in stock before the big day!
  • Hedgiez – An annoying looking toy that apparently zooms around the floor. YAY. Maisy has requested this one and it’s safe to say it’ll be a toy that goes to live at daddies house thanks very much.
  • Furby Connect – Now these I like, I used to have a furby which I loved and seeing them come back all new and improved makes me happy! I’m sure you will fine me playing with this one myself once they’re all in bed.
  • Barbie Dreamtopia – the girls and I reviewed some toys from the range in recent weeks and they are just the perfect gift for any barbie loving little princesses, they have a fab range which really inspires kids imaginations through play.
  • Itty bitty’s – How cute! Every year the girls get a soft toy at the end of their beds next to their stocking, this year it will be Itty Bitty’s – Batman for my little super hero Bella and Hello Kitty for princess Maisy.
  • Ragdoll – Lottie will be getting a rag doll from Little Chickie next to her stocking she is just obsessed with dolls so this was much more her than the itty bitty’s.

Some gift ideas to spark creativity, the girls want to make and do alllllll the time. They come out of school and nursery with creations for me they get home and instantly draw, write, paint and glue everything. I love their creativity; I really do even if it’s messy I try and encourage it so my plan this year is to do them each a little crafty box.

Arts &

  • Maisy loves to write; her teachers tell me that she’s always at the writing table so I am going to give her a special writing book. Hopefully it will be looked after and she can write down all her little stories and keep them safe rather than on scrap paper that ends up binned. These vintage animated Disney Journals are lovely, loads of pages and a place to keep a pencil too!
  • Playdoh – god help carpets everywhere. Kids love playdoh don’t they, mine love to make cakes and pizza it will keep them busy for ages!
  • Baker Ross do lovely little sets for creative minds. We’ve worked with them a lot in the past and this year I’m going to be getting some little sets for each of them it will keep us busy on cold winter days.
  • Baking is another big love of theirs (and mine) I picked up this little christmasy baking set from mamas and papas so we can create some cute cup cakes. This is just a perfect boxing day activity before family pop over isn’t it.
  • In a bid to reduce the mess and save the plant one sheet of paper at a time I’m thinking an easel would be a good idea, Ive got some great chalk pens from chalkola heave be able to use over and over again to create their masterpieces!

Last but not least are some little stocking filler idea’s. I like to keep the girls stockings fun little things that are practical and relatively cheap.

gifts to share-2

  • Hair accessories are always great for little girls, they’re always loosing them and as they are small they fit nicely in a stocking.
  • Slipper socks for cosy toes!
  • Chocolate – standard.
  • Loved this Tikkers watch set. It’s a really well made ‘real’ little watch I got this for Maisy I can’t wait to see her little face when she has an actual watch!
  •  Mini pots of playdoh are great and you can never have too much playdoh right?
  • Colouring pens are a good idea I tend to get a set and pop a few in each stocking with a mini note book for them to doddle in.

Phew – I hope that has helped some of you with young girls, I’m off to apologies to my bank balance  and work out how I wrap up a kitchen? Happy christmas everyone!




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