My Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden

Maisy is a lover of all things pretty sparkly and girly, in fact she loves just about anything that has a little mysticalness and magic behind it, so being asked to review an at home my fairy garden kit from Interplay was an exciting time in our household. I knew as the one holding the most fairy knowledge Maisy would take charge with this task but that all of the girls would all love getting involved and creating something beautiful.

My fairy Garden is a way for all fairy lovers to invite fairies into their home by creating something beautiful for them to live in, I am a big gardening failure, the girls have asked in the past if we can make a fairy garden and I just don’t know where to start so this is perfect it gives them what the want and no plants are harmed in the making.

Fairy garden 1

It was all hands on deck as the girls all got stuck into creating the fairy garden, it’s a really nice way for them to work together to create something and also gets them talking about nature with growing the grass and discussing other plants they could add to the garden.

Maisy wants me to grow roses to add to her garden! (All I seem to manage is the odd dandelion so good luck with that)

fairy garden 3

Everything you need is included within the kit apart from the soil so it is really quick to get out and get on with perfect if you have a spare afternoon that needs filling.

fairy garden 2

My fairy garden is aimed at ages 4 and over and other than a little help from me constructing the house the girls were really independent with following the instructions and creating the garden. The instructions are really simple to follow with lots of detail and bright colourful pictures for each step the perfect step by step guide for little ones.

fairy garden 4

The grass is sown and in the coming weeks we look forward to seeing it grow, I will keep you updated on how it goes!

We are so happy with our little fairy garden it looks really cute and at only £14.99 I think its an amazing price. Check out the full range from My Fairy Garden here.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purpose of this review. Ally thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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