Making Frobscottles Inspired by the BFG

You would have to have been living under a rock to not know about the new BFG movie being released in a matter of days time!
With the nation going BFG mad me and Maisy recreated our own Frobscottle drink. If you remember from the book a frobscottle is the green coloured fizzy drink the giants all love, the bubbles go down instead of up  which causes a serious case of Whizzpoppers!

We decided to create a strawberries and cream frobscottle it was really experimental we just went around the shop picking up bits that sounded good and threw it all together!


Fresh raspberries 
Fresh strawberries 
Cloudy lemonade
Ice cream (strawberry or vanilla is delish)
Fizzy sweets to decorate

First off I would just like to say this is a very sweet drink, it’s a lot of fun to make with the kids but it isn’t something I would advise you feed them everyday save it for a special treat!

So to make I blitzed up the fresh fruit and ice cream in a blender which leaves it really thick then I added in a little cloudy lemonade at a time until I achieved a drinkable constancy.
Finally decorated with some fizzy sweets and more fresh fruit to create are very own fizzy strawberry and cream Frobscottle!




As I mentioned we were inspired by the new BFG film to create our own Frobscottle and last sunday we were lucky enough to attend the UK Premier for the film.

It was an amazing experience seeing Maisy and Bella strut there stuff down the red carpet was so cool!



Which means of corse we have seen the movie and it is brilliant the girls were laughing throughout and it sent me straight back to my childhood remembering reading the book for the first time myself.

I don’t want to spoil it but it really is Spielberg doing what he does best and you just have to go watch it. Check out the trailer.



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