My Fairy Garden

Maisy is a lover of all things pretty sparkly and girly, in fact she loves just about anything that has a little mysticalness and magic behind it, so being asked to review an at home my fairy garden kit from Interplay was an exciting time in our household. I knew as the one holding the most fairy knowledge Maisy would take charge with this task but that all of the girls would all love getting involved and creating something beautiful. My fairy Garden is a way for all fairy lovers to invite fairies into their home by creating something beautiful for them…

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Christmas 2014 hits and misses

Christmas 2014 is soooo last year.. (sorry couldn’t resist) but yes it is well and truly over the bins are still over flowing with unnecessary packaging the kids have already lost half a puzzle they received and at last count 3 toys are either broken or ran out of batteries ALREADY, should of listened to that smart arse Duracell bunny. As every year there has been some big hits and misses on the toy front, not that the kids aren’t appreciative of all there gifts there are just as always certain things that they play with non stop and some things that get no attention at all!HitsBaby Annabell and baby George we’ve had twins…

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Baby George Review

This last week we have had a new addition to the family, no I haven’t been keeping a big secret I’m talking about the arrival of baby George – the baby brother of Baby Annabell from Zapf Creations!  Baby George is just like having a real baby in the house he gurgles, babbles, giggles, burps cries when he’s woken up, yawns when he tired unlike real babies though he is easily consoled with a pat on the back or a little cuddle – all else failing theres the off switch (evil mummy muhahah)Baby George will drink water and cry real tears and his little mouth even moves…

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