Christmas Crafts With Baker Ross

Christmas Crafts With Baker Ross

We have been getting crafty with Baker Ross again and this time it has been a very christmassy themed box.

I don’t tend to get into the christmas spirit until after Maisy’s birthday (9th December) but getting these crafts out have been so much fun and gotten me really looking forward to the big day. Here’s what we’ve been making.

Snowman mosaic coasters

BR xmas 1

BR xmas

These are great for children of all ages – even Lottie had ago at making one, it’s really good for developing their fine motor skills, along with shape and colour recognition.

Penguin gift bag kits

BR xmas 3

Really fun to make with easy to follow instructions, a little glue required but the girls were able to do this completely independently, which is great as it’s tough to help two quite impatient children at once while also getting dinner!

Reindeer handprint crown kits

BR xmas 4

BR xmas 6

This was our most favourite craft to make, I love the little crowns I think they look great. They were really fun for the girls to make as well I had to help little cutting out their handprints but other wise they managed to do it all themselves.

Christmas owl sequin decoration kits

BR xmas 5

These were a little more fiddly and required some more help from me, the sequins had to each be individually pined into the polystyrene ball and it was bit tricky for Bella. She gave it a good go and I went back over and finished it off. They do look really effective once completed, I’ve popped them to the side so we can add them to the tree when we put it up.

Baker Ross never fails to disappoint one thing I really love about the crafts kits is that most come individually wrapped so we can pop them back in the craft box for another day without loosing all the bits.

They have a huge range of craft kits available so make sure you check them out.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Baker Ross.

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