My Girls – May

It wasn’t so long ago I was writing monthly updates for Lottie, I mentioned in the last that I wanted to start doing a monthly updated on all the girls to share what they’ve been loving and new things they have learnt and probably a ton of photo’s! I think it will be lovely for them to look back on in years to come so here it is. My girls in May!my girls may

Maisy (4 years, 5 months) 

Maisy has been loving letters this month from sounding them out (phonics – crazy new world I’m trying to get my head around), pointing them out on signs or in books or writing them herself she loves it all and she’s getting rather good, she learns so much at nursery each day I love picking her up and hearing about all the new things she’s leant.

Cooking and helping me in the kitchen, she’s always been keen on baking something to do with the delicious (most of the time anyways) treat she gets after I expect but recently she’s taken an interest in cooking meals as well, she likes to help with some chopping and wants to know exactly what how I’m making things I never really leant how to cook when I was younger so it will be great to teach my girls as they get older. Mater chef I am not but I can whip up an edible meal.

Dancing, Maisy is the girliest girl there is, even tonight she sat me down on the sofa with strict instructions to watch her new dance, Bella was joining in as well and Maisy was so happy teaching her some new moves.

Helping me out in the garden we haven’t got far I won’t lie but we did a couple of pots done and the girls were in their element I really want to create a little flower bed and vegetable patch for the girls to help with in the garden.

maisy May

Bella (3 years, 4 months)

This last month Bella has really settled in to nursery, she’s always likes going but was very quiet whilst she was there and anyone who knows my Bella knows that is just not like her, but the past month she’s been great I love hearing how she’s got on and her key worker telling me about the progress she’s making it’s lovely.

Which brings me on to crafting everyday she brings me home about 5 pictures they’re usually still dripping wet in paint, I’m running out of places to stick them up or family members to give them to. She doesn’t stop at nursery as soon as she’s home she’s wanting to do some ‘making’ as well it never ends,  I love watching her be creative don’t get me wrong just don’t love picking up a thousand sequins off the floor every single day!

We visited Paulton’s park a couple of weeks ago Bella was the biggest dare-devil ever! Thankfully she was the perfect height just under one metre so still free but big enough to go on most of the rides. The water ride was without doubt her favourite she would have gone on it again and again. Definitely doesn’t get her thrill seeking from me.

Bella May

Lottie (15 Months)

I wrote a post just last week about how this little lady has turned from a quiet little baby to a house wrecking toddler over night didn’t I, well she really has she runs about the place being mental for most of the day but she’s hilarious to watch, her laugh is infectious and she has the most cheekiest smile in the world!

She’s also started to communicate with us a lot more she’ll nod or shake her head at questions, she knows exactly what she want’s, bed times become a little bit of an issue in that she doesn’t want to go down at night any more. I think we may be looking at dropping the afternoon nap (gulp really already!!?)

We started her swimming lesson’s this month woo!!! I was feeling bit crappy about not doing enough just me and her but its tough the girls are at nursery in the mornings but that is when Lottie likes to nap and I get the boring mummy stuff done (watching This Morning whilst eating too many custard creams) anyways so we signed up to some swimming lessons. First was a little shaky – who am I kidding she screamed when we got in and clung to me for dear life but by lesson no.2 she was like a new little girl kicking her legs and laughing her head off, I’m so proud of her and it’s really lovely to have the one on one time.

Lottie MayI’m so proud of all my girls being a mum to three that are so young is not easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.