House plans for 2022

As the end of another year gets closer and closer I find myself getting all reflective and thinking about everything the year has bought us.

When it comes to the house I feel like we’re more or less there with everything we wanted to achieve. As you all may remember we bought a new-build property back in July 2020. After many covid related obstacles we finally got in just a few weeks before my due date with Elsie – which was 5 months later than originally scheduled, and a completely different plot. But we got there in the end and more importantly we got to bring our new born baby back to our new home and she didn’t have to sleep in a box as I had (rather irrationally) feared a few weeks prior!

Our house plans weren’t massively grand, everything was new but we just wanted to make the most of the space we had and create a more homely feel. Which I think we have done; we’ve had a built in wardrobe installed for us. We’ve kitted out the girls cupboards with shelves and rails to optimise organisation and encourage them to keep their rooms tidy! We organised a work space for me, which was originally planned to be a play room but the girls never ‘played’ in it! We added some decking in the garden as it was completely grass before and we’ve just generally played around with the layout of things to make it work best for us.

Next year however we are planning something a lot more drastic. We are hoping to add a small extension off of our lounge. Our house is a town house, so technically there is a ‘living space’ downstairs which is open planned with the kitchen and then there’s a ‘lounge’ on the first floor. We’ve never actually used the lounge as a lounge in fact it’s Elsie’s bedroom. While the living area is fine for us to use as a lounge/diner as a family we do feel that when we have guests over we need a little more space.
So, the plan is to add an orangery where our patio doors open and take it out a few meters. This would then be more of a dining area.

I have the vision, yet no idea how to implement that. That is where are coming to my rescue. As experts in all things double glazing, conservatory and orangery they are the place to go for our new project. To be completely honest I had no idea the difference between a conservatory and an orangey until I check out their site – they helped me understand what I actually need and want – it’s great.

Once the orangey is up we’ll be able to put out dining table out there and have it fully extended all the time – no more squeezing and practically sitting on each others laps! We would then have a change up in the living area. I’d like to add a breakfast bar to extend the kitchen a little and have a media wall created to have the tv tucked away. Plus I think they make an awesome feature with the fire underneath!
It would then be a case of playing around with furniture, maybe adding in an arm chair or one of these cuddler seats which I absolutely adore.

I feel like that small addition of the extra few meters will make such a huge difference to how we can utilise the space – it always feels quite hectic downstairs with everyone fighting for ‘their spot’. This would (I’m hoping) create more harmony with more seating and allow us to always sit down together for meals.

I have never done any building works on a property before as we’ve always rented so it is a little bit daunting, any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Watch this space 2022, building works incoming…

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels.


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  1. March 2, 2022 / 7:28 am

    Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of a home orangery. I wish you to make it real. By the way, not only make plants the house interior look better and cozier, but also improve the air quality in it. And good indoor air quality, in turn, is crucial for our health.

  2. March 14, 2022 / 11:46 am

    Your blog is very interesting and inspiring, Amy. Keep sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. March 25, 2022 / 6:41 am

    Thank you for sharing this post full of inspiration. By the way, you could also use the outdoor area as an extension o your house. It could be an excellent place for dinner with family and friends. Or you can spend time alone there enjoying the solitude 🙂

  4. April 5, 2022 / 9:58 am

    It’s very interesting to see the result, Amy!

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