Turning Our House Into A Home With Desenio

I have been a huge fan of Desenio prints for years now. Not only to they look gorgeous they have a huge selection to choose from and they’re really reasonably priced.

As may have mentioned once or twice, we recently bought our first home. Our property is a new build which is absolutely perfect for us as a family. We’re not a huge DIY fans at the best of times but with a new baby on the way we needed something that was no work what so ever.

With Covid-19 it was touch an go at times if we would make it in at all but now we’re in, settled and loving it!

The last few weeks I have been on a mission to make our house a home. As lovely as a new build property is one thing it definitely lacks is personality and character. When you move in its a complete shell – lots of white walls that need filling!

I didn’t want to get the paint out until we have been there for a little while at least so Desenio was my go to to find some cool prints that will inject some life into our blank canvas.

I started off looking at ways to make the kids spaces a little more fun. The girls have a playroom in this house and as this is where I want to encourage them to play (by that I mean keep all the toys) I wanted it to be a little bit funky and full of colour Desenio have a great selection of kids art prints.

These prints do just that I love the contrasting pops of colour and the animals they work so well together and the girls love them. As we are a household full of girls pink can be EVERYWHERE, these prints still have the pinks but I loved the turquoise.

Next into Maisy’s room. Being the oldest we wanted to create a real ‘big girls’ room for her. A space she can escape her sisters when she needs to and that will grow with her over the next few years as she enters those teenage years!

I loved these prints; I actually first put them into my basket thinking they’d be cute in an office space but then I thought they are just the right amount of fun and girly for Maisy’s room without being babyish. It’s a really hard to find the right balance for her age. I also love how these prints tie into the pastel colours of her bedding as well.

I love how the girls spaces are coming together, it’s all still a working progress but I love how it’s coming together.

If you love Desenio as much as I do you can use the code EVERYTHINGMUMMY for 10% extra off Desenio’s 25% sale onsite. This discount is valid on prints but not frames nor handpicked/personalised categories. Valid until midnight on Monday 7th September!


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