My Pregnancy Journey So Far..

I am officially at the ‘I might have a baby any day now’ stage of pregnancy EEEEEK!

I thought I would share a little rambling pregnancy look back with you all before I am swept up in the newborn bubble and unable to put the our new addition down for 2 mins for fear of missing a cuddle opportunity. Yes I am that mum.

This pregnancy has been the craziest experience of them all thats for sure. We found out I was pregnant on the 23rd December 2019. I will never forget the date as we were all traveling up to my dads the next day for Christmas. I amongst a sea of last minute wrapping and packing up the car I decided to take a test – I’d been sick out of the blue over the weekend and my period was due so I thought – why not, it’ll be negative and then I can drink all the prosecco without worrying – well it was a big fat positive. Although unexpected we were over the moon, we had gotten engaged 2 days prior and reserved our new house a few days before that – it felt like all the stars were aligning for a truly incredible 2020 ahead.

Obviously as we now know 2020 had very different plans for us all. Our house move was delayed by over 5 months – the most stressful experience EVER. The whole pregnancy journey changed somewhat with partners unable to attend appointments and scans, midwives not able to visit you at home and appointments happening over the phone rather than in person. All the shops closed so the baby shopping could only happen online. I stopped working for a period of time and home school became the new normal in our household. The baby moon and one last family holiday were cancelled and for a while I had no idea how bringing this baby in to the world would go. I was actually so relived that she was safely growing away inside me with all that was going on. I have so much respect for all the mumma’s that gave birth during lockdown it must have been such a tough time.

Thankfully we seem to have made it out the other side before baby girl arrives. The girls are getting ready to return to school come September, we moved into our new home and worked like lunatics to turn it into our family home ready for baby girls arrival, I went back to work before then starting maternity leave a few weeks later and most importantly we have been able to see our friends and family again before I pop. We even managed to have a small baby shower a couple of weeks ago, my friends organised a gorgeous outdoor afternoon tea and it was so so lovely.

This pregnancy has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride, one I could have never anticipated upon getting those two big lines back in December. Although the sickness was horrendous and the waddle is now unavoidable I am going to miss growing this little lady but I cannot wait to have her here safely in my arms.


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  1. September 15, 2020 / 12:08 pm

    Hi my name is Mark. What an amazing journey you have there during your pregnancy. wishing you all the best of motherhood.

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