We Moved House!

So thrilled to finally be able to say we moved into our new house!!

It took months of backs and fourths with solicitors, lots of bumps along the road and one whole country lockdown slamming on the breaks but we did it. Two weeks ago today we got the keys and have been making this house a home since.

As with any move there is still a lot to be done. I uploaded my empty house tour here if you’re interested in the before shots.

As you can see it is a new build so the things that have needed doing are mostly building flat pack, deciding where things should go, putting up some prints to give a bit of colour to the other wise very white walls etc nothing to major. I am loving planning it all out and having that vision of what finishing touches we need.

One thing we are looking to change soon though is the garden. It’s a complete blank canvas right now with a load of grass and just a little bit of patio.
So first things first is to extend the patio out to create more of a BBQ/seating area. I love having a bigger grassy area for the girls to play on (and they love watering it as you can see below) but right now it’s almost all grass and nothing else. Extending the patio will allow us to put a nice table and chairs outside so the grown ups can enjoy too!
We did look into doing it ourselves but when we compared the time and effort to the cost of laying a patio by a professional it seemed like a no brainer to get someone in especially when you take into account the cost of disposing of soil and things.

Super excited to get that underway and hopefully enjoy seeing out the rest of summer in our little garden space with our new edition!



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