Refreshing My Pyjama Drawer With IDentity Lingerie

After a recent wardrobe clear out I was mildly horrified at the sate of my pyjama draw. Everything was rather embarrassingly miss-matched, faded, and just generally stretched out after months of night feeds and living in pyjamas with a new born.

Thankfully IDentity Lingerie came to my rescue with some gorgeous new luxury silk pyjamas. I went from a bobbling grey-wash pyjama collection to silky and vibrant and I tell you what I never knew how much fresh pjs can do for your confidence. I felt like a new women. Yes I am still sitting in my pjs until 10am most day (it’s the summer holidays and I have a baby so it’s allowed) but I am no longer embarrassed to go answer the door to the post man!

I love the rich purple colour of these Japanese silk pyjamas.  I also have the green which is equally as gorgeous. The trim gives them that gorgeous finish.

The fit is just perfect. So comfortable and lightweight, perfect for the warmer summer months. The last thing anyone needs is uncomfortable nightwear that clings or makes you overheat!

IDentity Lingerie are a small family run business in the UK who’s purpose is to create stylish ethically made nightwear and lingerie for all body types. They have years of experience allowing them to craft high-quality products, with so much attention to detail.

I love that they’re based in the UK I am really focusing on supporting smaller business this year so it is the perfect brand for me.

These silk pyjamas are also available in a long sleeve and trousers which I am adding to my Christmas list as they’ll be just perfect this winter.

The only issue I now have after being so spoilt with these gorgeous silky pyjamas is cotton just doesn’t feel the same that’s right I have turned into a pyjama snob!

IDentity Lingerie also have a range of the most gorgeous provoactive  lingerie which is super sexy but also comfortable and supportive. Make sure you check them out.


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