8 screen time break ideas for kids no matter the weather

The internet is a wonderful thing. During lockdown we are all making the most of being able to get online to communicate with our friends and family, watch films, join in online work out classes and a big one for us right now is using the internet for online education, researching activities/finding recipes etc. I am not sure what we would do with out it but it adds up to a lot more screen time than we ever used before!

With that in mind I have been planning out some daily activities for the girls which are focused on stepping away from the screens completely to give us all a break. Of corse we have our walks and playing outside but these are activities you can do at home no mater the weather to give you all a break from the screens and even better they should all be doable with things you have lying around already.

Screen time breaks for kids no matter the weather

Den building

This can be done inside or outside weather permitting and it something my girls do all the time! We sit and have our lunch in our dens and I have even let the girls sleep in it over night after a particularly elaborate den building session involved taking all the mattresses off the beds!

Make your own Eden Project biome in a box 

A great idea from Eden Project, create a mini container garden or landscape for imaginative, small world play. An easily adaptable activity that helps to develop creativity and problem solving, using materials from your own garden. Check out there step by step guide for more details.


A lot of mums I know have struggles to get hold of art supplies but art doesn’t need to be big thought out projects that end with something magnificent that can be treasured for a life time. Use your recycling from printing with old loo roll holders or the plastic bottles to stamping with sponges.

Junk modelling

Again, look at what you have at home and and have ago at some junk modelling you’ll more than likely end up with three boxes stuck together that make, well three boxes stuck together but its a bit of fun!

Cook together

Kids of all ages can be involved with cooking whether it’s just grating some veg, having ago at some stirring or cooking a dish from start to finish. Get the kids involved in the kitchen, not only does it give them a break from the screens but if your children are anything like mine they are 10 times more likely to eat up everything on their plate if they have had some input.

Disco time 

Close the curtains, put on some music – if you have some fairy lights even better but just have a little dance party.

Board Games

We’ve all got a stash of board games/puzzles collecting dust now is the time to get them out and have a games night.

Read together 

A pretty obvious one. My girls love reading independently but love it even more when we read together especially if we go one step further and start acting it out a little bit.


Teaching children to see the capture the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary moments is so much fun. I let my girls use my old camera so I’m not helicoptering around them they love taking photos and even short videos. Of corse I get the odd up the nose selfie but they also take some lovely pics. Kids see things in such a different way.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and if you have any more leave them in the comments below. 


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