Encouraging Mindfulness In Children

I, like most parents, always aim to shield my children from the ‘bad things’ going on in the world. While I don’t want to wrap them in cotton wool there are some things I feel their innocent little minds aren’t ready to deal with. In the current climate there really is just no way to avoid it though. 

Children are off school, they’re not able to see friends and family – they know the situation is not good. Only the other day Lottie had an eye lash, she made a wish and blew it away, her wish was for their to be no more coronavirus. I wanted to burst into tears as I think it’s the wish of the entire country right now. 

I have been more mindful of my own health and mental wellbeing during this time so it is only right to try and promote that with the children as well. Physically that’s easy; making sure they’re eating well, don’t have too much screen time, and making sure they get enough exercise and sleep. In terms of mindfulness it can be a little more tricky as one hat doesn’t fit all. 

That’s where the newest show on Tiny Pop can help, True and the Rainbow Kingdom. The series aims to inspire children to be mindful, present and compassionate. The shows hero, True, encourages children to stop and “take a deep breath” in the face of uncertainty and change. Something that is great to encourage in those everyday situations that can be stressful for kids. I.e home learning when your mum just doesn’t understand fractions – anyone else?? 

True And The Rainbow Kingdom™ Guru Studio. © 2020 Guru Studio

The team behind True and the Rainbow Kingdom have worked closely with childhood development experts to integrate mindfulness concepts into the show. From True’s visits to the wishing tree – a safe place of love and warmth to her. To encouraging children to be in the moment, especially when faced with a problem. The show shows how True can feel overwhelmed but when she takes the time to sit, think and organise her thoughts the thought bubble appears showing her critical thinking about how to best use the Wishes’ magical powers. 

It’s a great starting point for young children to start thinking about mindfulness and for parents to know how to encourage it in your kids everyday lives. 

Using some simple mindfulness techniques has certainly helped us out of a few situations in recent times where the kids have been close to getting completely overwhelmed. 

Watch on Tiny Pop Tune into every day at 8am and 4.30pm, available on Freeview 207, Youview 207, Sky 617, Virgin 737 and Freesat 605. Also you can find some great printables online here.


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