Nursery Decor Plans

Getting ready to move house at any time can be a stressful experience. Throw in a global pandemic and the stress levels go through the roof.

We’ve been in the process of buying a house now for around 7 months, there have been a ton of highs and lows. However with the end finally a little more in sight I am now allowing myself to get excited and the prospect of our new family home and all this things we’re going to do to make it homely for us all.

The exciting news of the baby came a few days after we started the process and thankfully we bought with the idea of the family expanding so she will have her very own little nursery which I can’t wait to make perfect!

I want to keep her room quiet simple and neutral letting her grow into the room as she grows into her own little personality. Those things that will really need to stand the test of time however are blinds and carpets! We’re going to go for shutters throughout including baby girls nursery, so they will last years. For carpets I want to go neutral throughout probably a grey but get cute rug that she’ll be able to roll around on.

I know she won’t be sleeping in her own room for a long time to come, but I want a nice space, well organised that we can keep her bits in and spend a little bit of time in as well during the day for playing etc. My idea is to create a little peter rabbit theme for the room. I have found some gorgeous prints on Etsy which I love.

I plan to hang them above her cot, I have my eye on the SnuzKot I think it looks so modern. again I know it will be a while until she needs a cot as she’ll be in with me but I want it all set up well in advance.

I love the idea of having a proper little changing station, something I never had with the girls to keep everything organised and have some pretty little bits hanging above she can look at while we’re changing her.

Lastly I have my eye on a big cosy chair for those late night feeds and day time cuddles! I think it’s important to get her used to her bedroom from a young age and spend time in there. I also think its important for me to not just sit in one space on the sofa feeding all day so even just to enjoy another spot in her room will be good for us both.

Those are just a few of my thoughts before we move, I can’t wait to get in and start making our house a home one little room at a time!  


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