Pregnancy Update {30 Weeks Pregnant}

It’s been a little while since I last updated you on all things pregnancy related over here. My last update was at 20 weeks, for a while all was quite samey and I just plodded along growing this precious little bump of mine but now I am officially well into the third trimester and I feel like things are ramping up!

It’s been a busy few weeks with various appointments and the bump seems to have really popped out too. I am loving finally fitting into all my maternity clothes, I have shared a little look at a week in my maternity wardrobe that you can find here.

I had the first of my scheduled growth scans with baby girl at week 28. I will now have to have growth scans four weekly until my due date because Lottie measured as a small baby. Anything below the 10th percentile is deemed as small, although still healthy, and Lottie was around the 9th so only just but they like to keep a bit of a closer eye.
So far baby girl is measuring at roughly the 50th percentile so absolutely perfect, it was nice just to see her little face again – amazing how clear the scan is!

As well as my scan I also had a midwife appointment. It was the first time seeing my midwife in over 12 weeks so it was really nice to have a long chat, she filled me in on all the changes being made at the maternity hospital due to cover-19 as it doesn’t look like anything will change before this baby is born. This pregnancy and my maternity care has been so different due to Covid-19 but I will touch on that in another blog post!

Right now I am just trying to get ready for baby girl as best I can, we’re just about to move house too so as you can imagine I am not feeling the most prepared right now. In my previous pregnancies I would be in the middle of washing all the baby clothes and packing my hospital bag but right now I am packing up a house and I still have yet to make a decision on which push chair to go for.

One thing I have decided on though is which date I will go on maternity leave! My original plan was to always to work up until the very end of my pregnancy but then coronavirus happened. Juggling working from home and home schooling has been so tough! Our house move got so pushed back that with that also happening in late stages of my pregnancy I have decided to work up until roughly just over week 36 and then use up all my holiday, all trips we had booked were during lockdown so I haven’t actually used any yet. This will take me up to a few days before my due date so although a slight change to my original plan I am really looking forward to finishing up work and having a few weeks with the kids before baby girl arrives!

On the whole baby is doing great, she’s growing nicely and apart from a little bit of heartburn and a lot of insomnia I am doing great as well! Hoping the insomnia will fade away once this move is underway and I have one less thing on my mind.

Here’s to the next 10 weeks..


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