8 FREE Home Learning Apps & Websites I LOVE!

I am not a natural teacher. When the girls were younger we focused on learning through play. think lots of messy, creative fun. It was perfect for that age but now they’re older we just about get through one or two pieces of home work and some reading each week.

Being thrown into a home education lifestyle hasn’t been an easy adjustment but it’s important for me to have some structure in the girls day, as well as ensuring they don’t fall behind in school. Here are my favourite home learning websites/apps that we use all the time. They’re all free and have been an absolute godsend for home education in lockdown.

8 FREE Home Learning Apps & Websites I LOVE!

BBC bitesize;

For either the daily lessons or fun game BBC Bitesize is a part of almost every daily lesson for us at the moment. It’s super simple for the girls to navigate themselves. There are a ton of different subjects on their tailored to different year groups -loads to keep them busy and support other home learning you may be doing.


A fab website for Science lessons. Sign up for free and unlock loads of different activities for all ages. We especially love the zoom in, zoom out activaties, guessing what they could be and being the image come to life.

White Rose Maths;

This website was recommended by the girls school, they watch a video lesson and then complete the activity sheet. They have gotten on really well with it and it really feels like they’re getting a proper Maths lesson.

Oxford Owl;

I can’t be the only one who was missing Biff and Chip? We have a ton of books to read at home but the Oxford Owl website will give you a selection of Ebooks that are in your child’s reading band.

Brain Out;

An app the girls have on their tablets of simple brain training games. They’re really fun and get them thinking. They’re super addictive too – speaking from experience.

Times Tables Rockstars;

Another app that we have been using since the girls started at junior school, they love battling out with their friends from school and seeing their score go up and up!


You can get a free trial on this website during lockdown, take full advantage and print out some worksheets for the kids. School teachers often use this site so it’s definitely in line with what they were learning at school.


it’s not all opening toys and pranks. YouTube has been a great Home Education resource for us. From yoga lessons & P.E classes to drawing tutorials and crafty how to’s it’s great as long as they don’t fall down the rabbit hole of watching other children play with toys! (I don’t get it either).

I know there are so many out there that we are yet to explore so if you have any more suggestions I would love to hear them.

Home learning Websites and Apps


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  5. November 4, 2020 / 9:54 am

    Teaching kids is hard work. Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please share some Youtube channels worth watching? My children are 7 and 9.

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