A Day In The Life In Lockdown

Our days look a lot different lately. I used to feel guilty staying at home with the kids all day. Feeling like they had missed out on some great adventure or the chance to create family memories. Now I feel guilty if we’re out for ‘too long’ or if I forgot something in the food shop and have to pop out for an extra top up mid-week.

The new daily routine is feeling more and more the norm for a lot of us I thought I would share a day in the life in lockdown with us and how things have changed.

7am – The days start between 7-8am. I used to struggle to wake up with my 6:30 alarm pre lockdown, but the alarms have been switched off for weeks and I’m not going to lie – I love it. Being able to wake up naturally makes such a difference to me.

8am – Breakfast for the kids and coffee for me. Usually the girls would be at school by now and I would be well on my way to work with a coffee in the car and a biscuit if I am lucky. Now we have time to have breakfast at home everyday the food bill is higher for sure but I feel much better having something proper everyday. I tend to wait and eat after we have done out P.E lesson but the girls always eat first.

9am – We start our ‘home learning’ with P.E with Joe. It’s become part of all of our routines and is a great way to start the day. Exercise for me was not regular pre lockdown, I’d always struggle with time and motivation. Now I do the P.E lessons with the kids, and trust me these are tough! I have even started going on runs while the girls scoot or ride with me – who is this new women.

10am – By 10 we’ve done our workout, I’ve eaten and the girls are dressed and ready. Making sure we all get ready each day even if that’s just cleaning teeth, brushing hair and putting on some comfy clothes makes a huge difference to our productivity throughout the day. The girls will have also have a snack while they work, we have a ‘tuck shop’ at home which works really well to stop them eating all day long!
The girls then get on with their school work. We mix it up with work set by their schools online, workbooks and worksheets I have printed, Oxford Owl and using BBC Bitesize in the mornings. We always aim to do some Maths, English and Reading then a topic of the girls choice (they usually choose art or history). This often takes us to around 12pm. How the teachers fill up a whole day I’ll never know by mid day I am done!

1-3pm – This is when the girls have free time, they can play with toys, watch TV, play on their tablets, go out in the garden or create strange games between themselves which usually involve putting on American accents and setting up their own ‘houses’ within their bedrooms (what ever makes them happy!).

3pm – The girls have another snack around now and we think about going our for a walk. This does change, sometimes we go out straight after lunch, sometimes after dinner but around 3pm seems to be when we’ve all had enough of sitting inside and need a little fresh air. We are so lucky to have the beach just down the road as well as some gorgeous woody areas we can explore.

5pm – Feeding time at the zoo. The girls are so keen to cook with me at the moment so most evenings they take it in turns, a far cry from pre lockdown when we used to get in just before 5 and it would be a mad rush to do reading and home work while I quickly through something together. I love cooking and I love that I can take my time with it more again now and get experimental in the kitchen with the kids!

6pm  By this time we are all well fed and we chill out together, amazing how tiering lockdown can be! We play games (monopoly deal is a favourite), play on the Nintendo Switch, watch a film (Disney+ has been a godsend) and the girls will have baths/showers.

Bedtime – Bedtime is somewhere between about 7:30 and 9:00pm nowadays for the girls. I have never let go of sticking to bedtime until now but with nothing to rush out for in the mornings I don’t see the harm, it will probably be the hardest thing to try and reinstate once they’re all back to school.

Once they’re all tucked up in bed we will either have a call with family or friends (love a quiz night), watch something on the TV or I might even dive in a bath with a book for an hour. I actually quite enjoy staying at home more, as much as I am itching to go out for dinner or have a night with friends, I always used to feel like a night in was so wasted I appreciate my home so much more now!

What do your days in lockdown look like? Is there anything you prefer or will stick to even after this is over?


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