Creating a routine in isolation with three children

Routine for is key for me in so many aspects of my life.

Whether that’s my own routine of getting up in the mornings, having a coffee, getting ready for work etc or for the girls with a dinner, bath, reading and bedtime routine. It’s something I found I needed when the girls were young and it’s just kind of stuck with me.

If our routine is messed up – turmoil usually follows. While I try not to be too military on it all the time (I used to be so precise when the girls were babies/toddlers) it just helps us all know what we all should be doing and I manage to keep some kind of order in the house.

As you can imagine the lockdown we’re in right now threw our whole routine right out of the window, as I am sure it did for the majority of the country.

In the beginning I tried to write out a plan for the day of what I felt like we ‘should’ be doing. It didn’t take long for that to go out the window and we did a complete 180 to the chilled, laid back approach. Again it didn’t take long for me to realise that doesn’t work for any of us either.

We’ve now been at this for over 3 weeks and with the end no nearer in sight I am pleased to say we have found our own little routine along the way. I thought I would share some of the things we do to keep our day loosely structured and have a little organisation to it. Routine doesn’t work for everyone but this is what works for us.

  1. I plan the day around food. Probably going against every dieticians advice in the world but if I hear ‘mum I’m hungry’ once more I will actually explode. We have breakfast lunch and dinner with 2 tuck shop breaks. Tuck shop has been the best thing we could  have done during isolation. The girls man it themselves taking in turns to  serve one another. They love the independence, they know when snack time is and they don’t ask for anything else in-between.
  2. Get ready everyday. I’m not talking full make up done, hair styled I am just talking about a quick shower and some fresh loungy clothes at the least. Some days I even go as far as a little concealer its a far cry from how I used to get ready for the day but for me it marks the day as begun and I am so much more productive.
  3. Keep it loose. We have an open window for school work in the mornings and again in the afternoon. In the morning’s it’s more a maths/english worksheet and the afternoons are more looking at activities around a topic. I take a bit more thought on the afternoon tasks but I don’t sit and think I need to fill three hours, we have fun with it and if we end up going in a different direction to what I had in mind that’s fine!
  4. Get out & get moving. Whether it’s a home work out or a walk around your local area it’s what keeps me sane so even if it’s not a set time each day make sure you plan some time in to get it done. You wont regret it. The rest of the routine will fall into place.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up. We’re all winging it. And although at times we all feel the opposite I promise you – you are doing a great job.

Our morning routine tends to go a little like this..



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