We’re Having A… |20 Week Pregnancy Update|

I can’t quite believe I am half way through my pregnancy already! 

The first half seems to have flown by and yet dragged on all at the same time.
The first 16/17 weeks were filled with sickness, migraines and not being able to keep my eyes open. Where as the last few weeks have been so up in the air with Covid-19 it’s been quite the experience already.

This week I turned 20 weeks pregnant which means baby is 6 1/2 inches from head to bum – roughly the size of a sweet potato! To think in the early days I was measuring baby size in seeds and now we are talking full on root veg it’s crazy how rapidly they grow.

My bump is definitely started to pop out now and I feel like I am visibly showing, which I love! I love this stage in pregnancy, with a little cute bump to show off. Although life in lockdown means theres nowhere to go to show bump off I can still take lots of bump photos to document the journey.

I had been feeling little flutterings for a couple of weeks and these have now progressed into big kicks, they actually take me by surprise at times this baby is certainly packs a good punch – I’m a little worried for the third trimester as I can already feel a little bruised – go easy on me little on!

As we all know at 20 weeks comes the anomaly scan, this is where the sonographer takes lots of in depth measurements of baby, checking things like the different heart chambers, kidneys, liver etc. It’s a lovely opportunity to see baby again as they have changed so much in just 8 weeks! Baby was a little monkey once again and spent much of the scan following the transducer around and attempting to kick and punch it. Very cute to see, less cute for the poor lady trying to get the correct measurements. After a little while baby did seem to fall asleep though so we got everything we needed and all looks perfect.

Another part of the 20 week scan is being able to find out the gender of your baby, which we did!

Sadly due to Covid-19 my partner couldn’t come to this scan, I was assured I could video call but then unfortunately on the day policy had changed again and it was not the case – we were both gutted and it did take the shine off what should be a magical experience for both parents but hey what can you do.

We had some fun with the gender reveal anyway and the sonographer wrote it on a card for me which I sealed up in an envelope. My partner opened it first when we got home and knew for about 2 hours before the girls and I found out by eating a huge plate of cakes filled with pink and blue icing!

It was a lovely way to find out we were having a baby GIRL! We can’t wait to meet you baby girl.


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