Pregnancy In Isolation

Being pregnant can be stressful at any given time; there are so many changes so even the most planned out pregnancies leave you with lots of questions when it comes to things like maternity leave, living arrangements etc. Now throw in the biggest worldwide health pandemic for a century whilst you’re pregnant to make it even more interesting.

I am 18 weeks pregnant and we are in the midst of living in isolation due to Covid-19. 

Two weeks ago the government advice changed to move pregnant women into the vulnerable category of this virus. At that moment my heart sank as I am sure the most of the pregnant women in the UK also did. Although there is no evidence to suggest the virus has an impact on unborn babies it is still hugely worrying.

Since the announcement I have been working from home, a few days later the children were off school and other than a little walk around the block we have been in the house since. I miss my friends, I miss seeing our families, I even miss sitting in my office all day but most of all I miss just going out carefree not even thinking about it.

It’s hard going being at home all day everyday; not even mentioning the aspect of keeping the girls entertained and keep up with school work at home whilst trying to work but the uncertainty for the future.
The speed in which our normal every day life has been pulled out from under our feet is alarming – one day you feel safe and secure in your job, in a good position to have a baby and support your family and the next you are worrying you may be made redundant within a matter of days. It’s scary, and I think we can all agree it’s been a huge wake up call when it comes to prioritising savings and having a rainy day fund ready to use.

As much as I like to keep my blog as a really positive space today I just feel like I need to have a little moan after the final blow. For the last two weeks I have been counting down the days until my next baby scan, to see that the baby is ok and have a little reassurance that all is healthy and growing as should be.  Last week I had the call to say partners can no longer attend the scan which is disappointing of corse but with face time etc we could make that work. Today I got the call to say the scan has been cancelled altogether. As it was a growth scan booked by the consultant it was deemed not necessary which to them it may not be but to an overly dramatic mum to be who hasn’t left the house for two weeks I can assure you it was to me.

I completely appreciate the situation everyone is in with this virus so of corse I just said ok no worries and then went and had a little cry to myself. When I hear stats like it may peak in August my heart sinks a little further so many questions fill my head; will I spend the rest of my pregnancy in isolation? Will I get the birth I want? The unknown is terrifying for a mum to be.

Channel mum recently shared a Coronavius Q&A with Dr Larisa Corda which does give me some answers so I thought I would share it here for anyone else feeling the same way at this time.


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  2. August 9, 2020 / 9:25 am

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