Lottie Turns SIX!

Lottie is SIX! 

It’s a cliche and I say it every time we have a birthday but I really can’t believe she is another year older.

Her birthday fell in the half term, so I took a couple of days annual leave and we had the best family day all together celebrating her sixth birthday. It’s been a crazy last few months; with being pregnant, Christmas, Maisy and Bella’s birthdays also thrown in the mix. We decided not to have a party but just a nice day out all together.

Our day started early (as most children’s birthday’s tend to do). We had presents followed by bacon sandwiches at the birthday girls request. We then headed off to Marwell Zoo!

It was a bit of a grey and wet day at Marwell but actually it was so nice and quiet I was more than happy to put up with a little rain to avoid all the crowds!

We got to see all of our favourite animals still and what’s quite nice is you see different behaviours from different animals with the change of weather. For example every other time we have been to Marwell on a ‘nice day’ the snow leopards were tucked away just catching glimpses of them moving in amongst the rocks but on this day they were walking around and sitting up the top giving us a great show it was amazing to see these big cats they’re absolutely gorgeous.

They were Lottie’s favourite too she even chose a little snow leopard teddy from the gift shop on the way out.

Another real plus point about visiting Marwell in the off peak season is the ticket prices are reduced – I guess as a lot of enclosures are outside. As long as you have a decent coat on and you make sure you have your layers on you’ll still have an amazing day, it’s well worth the saving.

After a full day in the park we headed home, the girls all dozed off until we pulled into a little pub for burgers and chips all round whilst we played connect 4. A pretty perfect day.

It was a quiet birthday; no icing 50 cupcakes or frantically pouring jelly into moulds ready for hoard of children to drop it on the floor but actually it was one of my favourites. I wasn’t stressed worrying about 30 kids having a good time it was just family time, now that the girls are all at school and I work full time that quality time is so precious to us all.

Disclaimer: Our tickets to Marwell Zoo were kindly gifted for the purpose of review.


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