Pregnancy Update |Week 13-14|

I blame myself for this. I published a post a couple of weeks ago about how to get through the first trimester. I thought I was over the morning sickness, over the feeling exhausted – oh how wrong I was…

Around the start of week 13; just on the come down of telling everyone our exciting news etc I started to feel super rough again. I couldn’t work out if it was pregnancy related or I was just a little bit ill at first.

I started getting really intense migraines everyday, the only relief from the pounding in my head came from being sick but that in turn just caused me to be more dehydrated and more head aches to come. It was a bit of a vicious circle, one that left me feeling pretty useless!

I’m not one for going to the doctors over a sniffle but it got to the stage where something had to give so last week I plodded along to the GP hoping to get some help. Hurrah for the NHS I was put on Cyclizine for the sickness in hopes of then being able to keep some decent food and drink down to curve the headaches. I got a little bit of a telling off for doing too much and not listening to my body and was told to take a couple of days off of work.

I more or less slept on and off for those two days, but it was so so very needed. I am finally feeling on the mend now, the medication is working and the headaches have dramatically reduced.

It’s not all doom and gloom, each week is another week closer to meeting my little baby and I have now reached another milestone at 14 weeks baby is the size of a Navel Orange! it’s incredible how quickly they grow and develop at this stage.

The old waist line is also expanding too which I love! I absolutely love having a bump just knowing what our bodies are capable of blows my mind.

Anyway thats all for week 13/14, I will be back soon with another bump update!



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