My tips for getting through the first trimester

My first trimester of pregnancy is done and dusted!

I made it through some dark times when I thought my head may actually be stuck down the toilet for good, I am finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel everyone talks about in the second trimester.

I can now stay awake past 9:30pm (woohoo party animal) and I am so relieved that paranoid ‘have they guessed I’m pregnant?’ phase has passed, as now the happy news has been shared with all our close friends and family and I can start enjoying the ‘oo you put your feet up Amy, can I get you another piece of cake?’ phase. This will be my last pregnancy so yes I plan to milk that – don’t judge. 

I wont lie the first trimester was tough; all of my symptoms seem so much more acute than when I was pregnant with the girls, maybe I had just forgotten but it really did hit me like a ton of bricks. From the feeling constantly knackered, to the random bouts of insomnia, the needing to pee 10 times throughout the night, not to mention when week 6 hit and in rolled the sickness it was especially dreadful until around week 8/9 before making a spectacular come back in week 10. It was an all day feeling of nausea that seemed to peak at the most inconvenient of times like in the car or sat in a 2 hour meeting. I am painting a delightful picture I know but hey just keeping it real!

There have been a few things that have kept my spirits up in this long first trimester, the most important one being macaroni cheese. I could eat it every day every meal without a doubt, as far as cravings go this is it, mac and cheese is everything!

But in all seriousness I have a few little tips that may help you tackle the first trimester.

  1. Taking a supplement with Iron and ginger in. I get very anaemic during pregnancy so finding a pregnancy supplement that has the recommended folic acid and Vitamin D but also iron and ginger is great – the iron keeps my energy up and the ginger helps combat sickness. I’ve been taking the Seven Seas Pregnancy tablets – I do feel like it’s really helped, as well as reassuring me I have gotten those nutrients I need.
  2. Eating little and often. I have become the snack queen my desk drawers have it all from snack a jacks to cereal bars. Eating little and often is the only way to keep the nausea under control at times so have a selection of snacks available at all times!
  3. Similarly with that; eat what you can. There’s no point in forcing down something you think you should be eating for it just to come back up, if all you can manage is a piece of plain toast then just have that – the baby will be fine.
  4. Have a peppermint tea in the evenings, pregnancy plays havoc with your hormones and in turn your stomach, a peppermint tea in the evenings really helped to settle that for me.
  5. Try not to nap in the evenings. I know that when I get in from work the first thing I want to do is put on some comfys and grab a half an hour nap but it left me often waking in the night and unable to nod back off for hours. As painful as it feels try and keep going just grab an early night instead and then hopefully you’ll get a full night of decent sleep!
  6. Ask for help when you need to. Always remember you don’t have to be super women at all times. Ask for help, get a ready meal, leave the washing, say no to things you don’t have the energy for. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to do it all but just listen to your body and look after yourself.

So here I am smug as hell, I did it, I made it though and into the second trimester I go!


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