A Pizza Making Masterclass At The Bournemouth Stable

There is one food in this world that I am always in the mood for. It could be for lunch, it could be for dinner (breakfast might be pushing it), but Pizza will always win. Pizza can be so different depending on where you go or how you cook it yet The Bournemouth Stable always get it right. And now I know all their secrets – muhahahahaha.

The Stable is the well known for being the best pizza and cider restaurant in town, just a stones throw away from the gorgeous golden sands of Bournemouth beach. I have been a few times before and it never disappoints. I was recently invited along for a pizza making masterclass with a group of other local bloggers and of corse I wasn’t going to say no!

They kindly put on some nibbles for us as we watched and listened to Chef Campbell (the executive chef) as he showed us how to make their perfect tomato sauce and the secret to their amazing sour dough. Everything is made from scratch using specially sourced organic products – everything seemed to have a story behind it and I loved that.  It was so interesting, they make a whopping 300 pizzas in a standard evening – wow.

We sampled some ciders throughout the evening as well – I do love a good cider and they have over 80 ciders to choose from. From fruity to the dry you are bound to find one you love. I tried the berries which was the perfect summer drink and elderflower – delicious.

Then it was time to make our own! Luckily they had done they hard bit for us and it was just a case of creating our pizza using all our favourite toppings. I went for lots of cheese, chorizo, mushroom and red onions, it was delicious! The great thing about fresh pizza is that they’re cooked in less than 10 mins!

Yay – I took mine home so James could try some too, I am nice like that.

Thanks so much to The Stable for having us and to Bournemouth Bloggers for organising.


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