Growing her water wings with Zoggs

All my children love the water. They have enjoyed splashing about in a pool, the sea or even just the bath since a really young age!

Over the years I have found it tough to take all three of them swimming by myself. Most pools have restrictions about the ratio of adults to children you can have under a certain age. It’s become one of those activities we can only really do with another pair of hands.

I did lessons with Lottie when she was a baby and if I’m honest it was just stressful, she really cried because it was quite cold and after a few months I decided not to continue I felt like it was a lot of money if she really wasn’t enjoying it.

Bella and Maisy have done lessons and their confidence is amazing now in the water. It’s great to see how far they have come. With starting school  and not being able to get them into a group at the right times etc they haven’t been to lessons for a while but I am starting them up at some new ones closer to home soon – they’re so excited.

With Lottie I wanted to build up her confidence first before she starts lessons; she can still be very clingy to me when she’s in the pool. I don’t think she would willing get in with out me.

Last week I took all of the girls swimming by myself so that Lottie could put her new Zoggs water wings vest to the test! I really liked the look of the vest as I thought it would give her more room to move than regular arm bands.

So she looks a little bit like the mitchellin man but it is actually really light weight and she was so happy in it! She got straight in to pool with me so excited to splash with her sisters; at first she was a little unsure but soon realised she was perfectly safe and the vest would keep her above water.

Within about 2o minutes she was asking for me to let go of her, jumping in off the sides and splashing her way back! It was so amazing to see. I don’t know if it’s from seeing her sisters, having the vest or being just that little bit older but she had a confidence I have never seen before.

I can’t wait to have a good swim with her again next week, she is definitely ready to start really getting to grips with the water!

A huge thank you to Zoggs for sending her an amazing bunch of goodies – she’ll be a pro before we know it!


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