Steps ahead – What types of shoe are best for your feet?

There’s nothing that beats that feeling of finding that perfect pair of shoes. Whether they cost the Earth or not is often irrelevant! But did you know that some types of shoe can actually cause more harm than good?

Sure, they look great, but are they wreaking havoc? Or setting you up for pain in the future? Of course, if you suffer from foot problems visiting a foot clinic is often the best idea – but they do say that prevention is better than cure! So, lets have a look at the different types of shoes available, which ones leave a lot to be desired, and which ones help you put your best foot forward!

Sky high heels & stilettos

Give a girl a good pair of heels, and they say she can achieve anything. High heels give confidence, ooze sexuality, give any outfit a touch of class and every girl has her favourite and most trusted pair. But, did you know that ultra-high heels can lead to everything from ankle sprains to chronic pain?

Sky high heels place the foot into an unnatural position that puts immense strain on the ball of the foot. Too much pressure on this area and the bones and even nerves surrounding it can cause not only the blisters and swelling you come to expect from a night out in your favourite heels, but hairline fractures! Not exactly the best way to spend an evening!

So, what’s the alternative?

Well, it may sound obvious but – go low! A simple switch to a lower heel relives so much pressure from those sensitive areas; it makes your foot sit in a more natural position. So next time you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, try something with a heel no higher than 2cm! You’ll be amazed at the range that’s out there.

If you really can’t be without that extra bit of height or elongated leg, then there is a compromise: chunky heels! These make your feet much more stable than stilettos, as they distribute your weight more evenly.

Ballets, flats & flip-flops

Comfy and practical, everyone needs a few pairs of flats, right? Wrong. Although they look dainty and there’s a pair for every occasion, flats and ballets come with no arch support whatsoever. This actually stops your feet from well, working as they should! Knee problems, hip pain, back problems…sounds familiar? It could be your ballets that are the culprit!

And as for flip-flops? They offer no protection of any kind!

So, what’s the alternative?

Believe it or not, simple over the counter shoe inserts can help with mild foot pain. Heel pads can provide extra cushioning too, and if you’re really struggling then why not speak to a podiatrist about custom orthotics. As for flip-flops, invest in some better “fitted” ones. Thanks to their thick sole, they offer better arch support and protection from stepping on those pebbles at the beach!



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  1. November 28, 2021 / 6:19 am

    Thanks Amy for educating us regarding shoes that are best for us. Totally agree with you that all the footwear that has heel 2cm cause knee pain or other type of problem.

    Personally I have experience with shoes that has 2cm height and that has lower and always feel comfortable with shoes that has heel that is less than 2cm.

    So, thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to read some more information like this.

    Sharing is Caring.

    Thanks again.

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