Week Day Walks

Thursday is always a Mummy and Lottie day in our household; with the girls both busy at school I try to make sure we get outside and do something fun together. It’s becoming so real that next year Lottie will be getting ready to start school and I will be spending all my week days alone! Productivity will be seriously high without my little distractions but I will miss these days so much.

We took ourselves for an early morning last week, I took a bunch of photos and I just really wanted to post them. My cheeky little girl seems to be getting bigger by the day! She’s always been such a little dot but lately she seems to be shading that baby look, she’s no longer the shortest at nursery and she talks back just as much as her big sisters!

The weather has been so up and down lately, I really wanted to get out for some fresh air before it started to rain, although over cast Upton Country Park is still so picturesque. I love having it just down the road from us.

Lottie loved having a good run around, my girls are always happiest when they have an open place to roam. People always say ‘you’re out and about so much – how do you do it with three children?’ To be perfectly honest my answer is how can you not be they drive me mad at home!

As expects the heaven’s opened so we legged it back to the tea rooms and had a little hot chocolate as it passed over – when I say little of corse I mean giant hot chocolate covered in cream and marshmallows! Perfect.



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