Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Shop

We have been part of the friend of Sylvanian Families for a little while now. My girls have built up a great little collection of play sets which they absolutely love. It is great for me to watch them set up their own little Sylvanian town and see their imaginations in full force as they have a food fight in the bakery or wiz up some magical ice cream recipes in their new Ice Cream Shop.

I just love all the detail with these play sets from the mini spoons to the teeny ice cream cones, they looks so cute! The set has over 25 pieces, which include striped cat mother Amelia Sandy. The girls love getting a new character or two with each set they pick up.

As much as my girls care about each other they can fight like cat and dog but playing like this just brings them together and it is so lovely to watch.

The sets are so simple to set up, the structure of the shop is ready to go and it’s hen just a simple case of adding a few accessories and popping on the stickers. The pieces are very small so I would definitely recommend these set for a time when you can all play together or are having some quiet(ish) down time. You wouldn’t want them being thrown around the room it would be tough to find them all again.

The only question is which set will they like next!? I know they have been after a house with a family to live in so maybe a little treat for them next month if they fill up their sticker charts (we shall see!).

Do your children love Sylvanian Families as much as my daughters?


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