A look back at 2016…

We are well into 2017 now; I have had such a lovely little break just enjoying some time with the girls. Today is the first time I have actually opened the laptop up in about a week!! Bad Bad Blogger – but we all need that little online detox from time to time, now I am back in business Happy New Year Everybody!!! (When do we stop saying happy new year?)

The end of the year and start of a fresh is when most are feeling reflective and looking back on what the previous year brought them. I was recently asked to share my highlight of the year – I was stumped at which one moment was our highlight.

Last year was pretty full on to say the least; although we haven’t had any huge life changers we’ve rarely had a moment to stop and scratch our… heads? Life’s been busy but a good busy, an exciting busy.
I wanted to share some of our highlights and as a self confessed compulsive photograph taker I thought it would be best done through photo, here’s some captures from 2016 which make me smile!


This was quite early on in 2016; three little best friends.


Whole squad was out to party in force A Fairy, Batgirl and Spidergirl you just wouldn’t mess with them would you. IMG_8732

This photo was before Lottie’s first day at nursery! My girl cried her eyes out but by the time I returned she was all smiles and laughter.


Family photo, we went away for a few days to Bluestone with friends – had such a great time!


Happy Easter!!


Another trip to Bluestone with my blogging bestie Alice from New Young Mum – blogging has brought me a lot of fun and exciting things over the years. The friendships I have made are one of the things I treasure the most. IMG_0183

Camp Bestival!!!! For sure one of our biggest highlights of 2016. The girls had just recovered from the pox and a weekend of fun and laughter was exactly what the Dr ordered! Next years theme has been announced as pop stars and rock stars we cannot wait to be their again. Check out some more details and acts that have been announced here.


A few days in Cornwall staying at the beautiful Tregenna Castle; we walked up and down the beach, enjoyed lunches by the harbour and explored St.Ives it was the perfect few days away. How could you not feel relaxed looking out over that beautiful scene everyday.


Beach babes for life – if you live in Dorset your childhood summer will be at the beach FACT!


All in white – Smile girls! I just love this photo, it currently sits on my living room wall!


We’ve embraced our inner hipsters a little more this year. I’m more of an indoor, lets go shopping and get lunch kind of girl but we’ve been loving getting out and about enjoying picnics and long walks. I am now even a national trust member – what’s happened to me!


The European Premier of the Trolls movie in Leicester Square! My email inbox is a funny old place one day I am asked my opinion on a nappy cream next I’m invited to swish events like this – I do love it!


The MAD blog awards! These ladies plus a few others are who keep me sane when it comes to blogging  – they are my support network, they are who I go to if I ever have a question or a problem. They are the reason I have managed to grow my blog and why I am where I am today. They are all incredibly talented at what they do and I just ruddy love ’em!


Maisy took on year one like a boss and Bella started her school journey into reception. It hit home a lot this year that they are growing up – fast. I miss having them at home with me all the time, I miss the freedom and spontaneity no school allowed.


And then the madness of christmas began – Lottie’s first nativity saw her debut as the only unicorn ever seen in Bethlehem she smashed it of corse!


And that for us was 2016….

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