What’s in our Christmas Eve Box?

Since the girls were born Christmas has become one of my most favourite times of the year! I was never overly big on it until they came along and now my joy comes totally from seeing their excitement leading up to the big day!

As I type it’s 10am Bella is spinning around the lounge still in her pj’s (as  you should be in the holidays) singing carols and she just fell into the tree – tree is now slightly ruined but it gave us all a bloody good laugh.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I am sure excitement levels will be reaching their height in everybody’s households. A couple of years ago I started doing the girls a little christmas eve box; when they were younger it was a good way to let them know christmas was just one more sleep away. Now they are older it has just stuck as our little christmas tradition.

Christmas eve box

I don’t go mad and spend a fortune it’s something inexpensive, quick and easy for me to put together. Our christmas eve box is all about encouraging us to spend quality time together. So here’s whats inside..

Christmas eve box

A Santa puzzle, Wentworth wooden puzzles are lovely we have quite a few now I find they’re great quality. I am sure this one will find it’s way into many Christmas eve boxes to come, thats ehe thing with a christmas eve box it doesn’t necessarily need to be full of new products just seasonal things that will bring you together to get you in the christmasy spirit.

Christmas eve box

I spotted these Olaf mugs in Sainsbury’s perfect for a cheeky little hot chocolate.

Christmas eve box

This plate was actually a gift to the girls from a close friend of mine; again perfect to add in the box year on year to leave santa and his reindeer a treat!
Christmas eve box

Also in there we have a sticker book each – santa’s busy night. As well as a personalised Santa is coming to town book for me to read the girls before bed. Christmas eve box

Lastly some new cosy pj’s, they all have matching because twinning it winning – I picked them up a few weeks back in primark and some tasty treats – popcorn and Kinder snowmen!

I tend to give the girls the box in the evening after dinner so we can just cosy up pop a film on and enjoy the treats, it gets them so excited. I can’t wait to see their little faces tomorrow!

Do you do a christmas eve box? What do you put into yours?

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