Discovering the Best of Sicily with Your Children

Travelling is quickly becoming a big love of mine, finding new countries I never thought of visiting is amazing and every day I find my bucket list is growing and growing. Finding child friendly countries is obviously massively important as I don’t get far without my three little shadows tagging along. If your like me this guest post about discovering beautiful Sicily with your children is a must read.

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind holiday to spend with your kids, Sicily is the place to look. The Southern Italian Island is known historically as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’, and for good reason. Sicily offers plenty of activities to do out in the wild and by the coast, for kids as well as adults.  More importantly, the local attitude is always welcoming and friendly, since Sicilians are renowned for their out-going character and for their loyalty to the family. So children are always considered with care and afforded special privileges, as demonstrated by the many playgrounds, adventure parks, and endless beach-fun around the island. For small children especially language is never a problem and they will be able to make friends with local children quite easily in the town piazzas and at the splendid beaches that line the Agrigento coast (to the West), Taormina (North East) and by Castellammare dal Golfo near the Trapani coastline.


If you want to immerse yourself fully into the Sicilian tradition and experience what daily life is like, you might consider renting one of the various luxury villas with pool located all over Sicily and the Egadi and Aeolian archipelagos. Wishsicily is a great resource to find budget deals for the whole family at reduced rates because they put you in touch directly with local owners and there is no commission, nor agencies to deal with. Stay at a cottage on the beach, a villa or a chalet in the Madonie mountains; the choice is yours. Or rent one within the vicinity of Mazzaro beach by Taormina (or nearby Giardini-Naxos beach) and enjoy excursions to the Isola Bella bay, a protected nature reserve part of the UNESCO world heritage sites. There you can dive, snorkel, lie on the beach or take boat rides to the many exotic grottos and caves.

At Taormina’s 3rd Century B.C. Greek Amphitheatre you can attend one of the many music festivals and cultural events that make this location special. With the sight of ruins and temples and majestic Mt. Etna towering in the background, remind your children that they are sitting on the same spot that other spectators occupied over 2000 years ago. Take them to Mt. Etna to walk along the craters of this active volcano and see the lava fumes;  the cable ride to the summit is only the beginning of the adventure. The adventure parks are a real surprise; Etnaland is a fantastic theme park with life-size Dinosaur statues, roller coasters and aqua-rides, while Parco Avventura Madonie, Etnavventura and Eco Campus Casaboli are renowned for acrobatics courses, including tree-climbing, rope ladder walking and cable-slides, all followed by professional instructors and divided into age groups and difficulty levels. Some even have hiking or trekking trails for babies accompanied by their parents on baby-carriages.   bambini-vista_pam-1

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  1. August 8, 2016 / 11:50 am

    so great to read this, we hope to go to Italy next year, it is such a long way from Australia so it is good to get some information

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