Discovering the Best of Sicily with Your Children

Travelling is quickly becoming a big love of mine, finding new countries I never thought of visiting is amazing and every day I find my bucket list is growing and growing. Finding child friendly countries is obviously massively important as I don’t get far without my three little shadows tagging along. If your like me this guest post about discovering beautiful Sicily with your children is a must read. If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind holiday to spend with your kids, Sicily is the place to look. The Southern Italian Island is known historically as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’,…

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Top tips for long car journeys with kids

Long car journeys with young children are never going to be overly fun are they, no-one wakes up and says ‘hmm come on family, lets go sit in the car for four hours today – it’ll be awesome’. It is the thing that most of us parents dread a little, you know it’s guna be a lovely day out or holiday but the traveling is just going to be a night mare. I have had quite a few long drives with the kids recently including 4 hours to visit Bluestone in Wales, as you can imagine with 3 children vs 1…

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