Camp Bestival – Saturday

Camp Bestival
After a good night sleep the girls were up and bouncing off the walls wanted togged back to Camp Bestival, we had a big breakfast before a big day and set off. Traffic was a lot busier getting to the event it took almost an hour as opposed to the 35 mins it should take, but we arrived just in time to catch the end of Mr Tumble so the girls were happy.

If you want to watch the big acts on the main stage you need to try and get there a little bit early to secure a good spot, we could see Mr Tumble up on the big screens but the girls really wanted to be right in the action down the front. Next year we will be super early for it!

Camp Bestival Carousel

Saturday was a fair bit busier than Friday, I guess those with day tickets would opt to come on the weekend. Still with so much to see and do it didn’t ever feel overly crowded.

After a picnic lunch we found the queen of the glitter aka (Caro from the Twinkle Diaries) and spent some time hanging out with her and her lovely boys, getting glittered up and drinking cocktails – which is how festivals are best spent! The girls love having their faces painted or decorated but with them recently having chicken pox and still having the odd scab I didn’t want lots of paint on them to irritate it.

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival cocktails, mojito

Before long it was time for a blogger meet up, a chance for all of us who were invited along to cover the event to meet up have a catch up and most importantly drink a little champagne. I kept and eye out on Friday but being such a massive place I didn’t spot any of the bloggers I knew were coming so having a meet up was great, so lovely to meet the families we read about all the time.

Camp Bestival bloggers meet up

Some of the lovely ladies I saw – Aby – You Baby Me Mummy, Alice – New Young Mum, Dawn – Dear Mummy Blog, Kaz – Ickle Pickles Life and Caro – The Twinkle Diaries.

My girls just love having a bunch of other children to play with so they were happy as I mingled.
No children were harmed in the making of this photo just lots of giggles as they played  ‘all fall down’ got up and did it again another 50 times – Oh to be a toddler!


Camp Bestival crazy children

With all this craziness and the sun beaming down the girls started to get a little hot and bothered so we went to fill up the water bottles (there are drinking water taps dotted all over the site) and find some shade. We opted for some arts and crafts in Art Town. One of my girls favourite things to do is to get creative so a big tent full of glue and paint was like heaven for them, it was perfect for a little whined down time for them. In Art Town there were lots of different stations with projects from creating a clanger to helping out on the big space collage.

Camp Bestival Art town

Camp Bestival  art town

Camp Bestival kids creating in art town

It was then time for pizza as we watched the Insect Circus, great show – the girls were glued to it and insisted they needed to take up hula hooping when we go home!

Camp Bestival watching the insect circus

After a little dancing, singing and eating ice creams our time at Camp Bestival came to an end, the girls loved every minute of it and we are already counting down the days till next year.

Early bird tickets for 2017 will be going on sale tomorrow (Monday 8th August) for more info click here.

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  1. August 7, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Great review! So glad you captured Art Town at Camp Bestival, as we never managed to get in there and missed it completely! It was lovely catching up with you on the Saturday and everyone was very chilled and relaxed. Hopefully see you soon x Dawn and Baby Isabella X

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