Celebrating Grandparents Day

We all know about mothers’s day, we all celebrate father’s day – but what about grandparents day?

It seems when we have are own children the importance turns to us being the parents and less and less so on those who have been there for us – our grandparents. Of corse if they are anything like mine they really aren’t ones to make a big fuss but it’s nice to give something back and show them are appreciation on their own specific day – grandparents day!

We sadly lost my Grandad last year and I was gutted to think I hadn’t made enough time to show them my appreciation and make my way down to visit them more often, with my Grandma being by herself now I have made a lot more time to make sure I give her a call, send her flowers on a whim and make the 3 hour drive down to visit with the kids.

Of corse it’s nice to show our appreciation all year round but having a day like grandparents day is a great excuse to make that extra effort and do something lovely for those we love.
So when is Grandparents day? It’s not far off  – Sunday 11th September! Now is the perfect time to start getting an idea of how you can celebrate with your grandparents. I find grandparents really tricky to buy gifts for but if you are looking for some inspiration Chums.co.uk.

Often how you spend the day is so much more important some of the idea’s I have are:

  • A walk down the beach with some fish and chips
  • Taking them for afternoon tea
  • Give nan the day off and you have them over for a Sunday roast
  • Taking over a nicely framed family photo
  • Pop over a delicious home made cake from you and the children
  • Make some cards and pictures with the kids for the grandparents

The little things really do mean the most, how will you be showing your appreciation this grandparents day?


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