My Girls: November

My Girls: November

my girls nov

Maisy (4 years 11 months)

Maisy had her first school disco this month, which was really exciting for her and it seems like a big milestone for me as I had to drop her off and leave her – I wasn’t quite sure how she would be but she had a great time and had a huge smile when I picked her up.

Most days Maisy spends telling me all about how her birthday party is going to go and what she would like to receive as gifts from all her friends – she’s so excited I can’t wait for her birthday.

She is still really into her writing and her handwriting is improving more and more each day I love her love of learning!

maisy 4 years 11 months

Bella (3 years 10 months)

Bella has come out of her shell big time recently, the shy little lady who’d sit on my lap as soon as someone came round has gone she’s turned into a little show off – singing and dancing. I love it.

With Maisy coming home sharing all he new sounds she’s learning each day, Bella has really started picking up on it and becoming more and more interested in reading and phonics it’s nice to think she’ll have so extra knowledge of it all when she starts school next year.

I have had a break through with Bella this month when it comes to her sleeping in her own bed all night – she is finally getting it!

bella 3 years 10 months

Lottie (21 months) 

My littlest princess has been suffering with her teeth big time recently she has started getting her molars through and it’s causing all sorts of upset.

She is quite clingy to me at the moment I am putting that down to teeth but am also thinking it may be time to get her started in nursery for a few sessions in the new year.

Lottie loves playing babies at the moment she has taken a real interest in her sisters dolls and loves getting them changed and feeding them, I still see her as my baby so it’s so funny to watch.

Her vocabulary has also come on massively we can have a proper little conversation now she can really explain what she want – it makes things so much easier.

lottie 21 months


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