Maisy’s birthday wish list

Maisy’s birthday wish list


I can’t quite believe I am writing this but in just over two months Maisy will be turning 5 years old!!!!

I have been completely stumped as to what to get her this year, with christmas just around the corner as well it all comes at once and can be a little bit tricky. I still like her to have her own special day though even with christmas a matter of days later, I am thinking this year I will have to have a massive toy clear out to prepare.
She is still a super girly girl and loves the three P’s – pink, princesses and ponies so that’s what we will be going for this year.

First up every year as a little tradition we also get Maisy a new build a bear for her birthday she’s had one every year since she was born so this year we will make a special trip down there so she can choose one and I am sure she will also get a little dress to add to her bears wardrobe – I know it can be a little over priced in there but she loves all her bears so much and plays with them all the time.

Rapunzel is her new no.1 disney princess at the moment, she has the dress her self so I thought the doll would be perfect for her, this one comes with the palace pet too so even better!

She takes after her mum and loves a good handbag have been eyeing up the children’s bags in accessorize how sweet is the little bunny bag will look so cute on her.

The leap reader from leapfrog is something I have wanted to get her for ages especially since starting school she loves reading, writing and sounds out words this will help her massively.

My little pony – one of the three P’s we love ponies this one looks fab with all the little accessories.

Maisy loves making cards for her friends they’re usually just bits of paper she folds on half so I thought a card craft kit would make a great gift for her, she can make all her thank-you cards with this!

Daisy birthday wishlist


She will be one happy little girl to receive this little lot on her birthday. Thats presents sorted bow best start on organising the party!

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