Starting a fresh

Starting a fresh

I am just back from a lovely weekend away with my friend Bianca and my little ladies, it was lovely so relaxing and just nice to have a change of scenery you will get a full post (or two) on that later this week.

Various things have been going on recently – big changes to all our lives and while on the outside I seem to be handling it really well underneath it all I have been neglecting myself a little and letting the stress get to me. I have thrown myself into work and keeping really busy which has given me no time to look after myself. So as you can imagine this weekend was exactly what I needed. There was actually very little internet in the lodge, they provided one of those plug in thingy’s but I didn’t even attempt to set it up a couple days off the internet was actually really therapeutic.
I feel a little like my head has been cleared and today I have woken up ready to start a fresh ready to get back to myself and stop worrying about the little things, one day it’ll all fall into place I am sure.

So I have a couple of little goals for myself:

  1. Sort out my diet
  2. Exercise

I have gotten so lazy with food, I graze throughout the day on things I really shouldn’t. My blood sugar levels are often up and down like a yo-yo and it really effects my mood. Not in a million years would I let my girls eat the rubbish I do but yet I let myself it’s really bad and needs to change. So I am getting strict three meals and healthy snacks are in – chocolate biscuits are out!

Love this infographic I spotted on GoToMeeting when doing some healthy eating research it’s great I love these sorts of things they give me a real boost especially when it includes things I already love to eat – no.1 chocolate!1MB15-Snacks-to-Boost-Energy-and-Productivity4And then there is the exercise side of things I would love to get back to where I was before I had Lottie I felt amazing, working out 2/3 times a week kept me feeling energised and focused. Getting to the gym now being by myself with three kids isn’t so easy. So I am trying to look at ways to get some exercise at home – ideally I would love to turn my garage into a little gym space with a cross trainer as it’s pretty unused. The equipment can be pretty pricey but which put me off at first but then I found you can get cross trainer hire from I thought that was a great idea then you can mix it up a little and try different things without splashing out an absolute fortune, also available in Ireland from, this may become a little project for me over the coming months.

The main thing I need to remember though is work is not the be all and end all – don’t get me wrong I love my blog and the fact that it is now my job which allows for me to pay the bills and give my girls some great experiences but I know I need to take some more time off too. Having some screen free time always makes me feel so refreshed and ready to go, it’s necessary for me to keep a happy healthy balance.

I hope to share more with you guys over the coming weeks about how I am getting on health and fitness wise I would to hear any tips you may have for me?




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  1. October 20, 2015 / 9:04 am

    Lovely blog, I agree on the overwhelm & I’ve been in a similar frame of mind. Loved the infographic x

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