Meet Bruce!

Yes, I am crazy and I know I already have my hands full. But….

Everyone meet the newest edition to our family – Bruce!!

Another little blonde to add to the family, and finally a boy! HA. Bruce is a Goldador and he is now almost 14 weeks old.

He’s been with us since 9 weeks old and what a crazy few weeks it has been for us. I grew up with labradors so I felt quite confident with the breed but as he is my first dog as an adult it has been a real learning curve. Having said that he’s actually so well behaved (as well behaved as puppies are) he’s settled in so well, the girls adore him – Elsie in particular is besotted with him, and he is so so gentle with her. Even when she’s clambering all over him and stealing his toys.

He sleeps really well, is fully house trained now! And in recent weeks we’ve been going on little walks and which is lovely. I had wanted a dog for a while now but just never knew when the right time would be. After searching for a little bit and failing to find the pup for us, I really thought it was a sign that now is not the time. Until I saw a local litter of gorgeous goldadors ready to leave mum. I sent an enquiry thinking there’s no way any will be left and amazingly they were. At the time I was right around the corner so I went to see him and a few days later he was at home with us snuggled on the sofa. A real crazy couple of days – the girls had no idea!

I can’t wait for the adventures ahead with this gorgeous boy!


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