4 Inspiring Ways to Use Light in Your Home

You probably don’t give the light in your home much thought. You flick on the switch, or open the curtains, and that’s it?

However, lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. 

A well thought out lighting plan can drastically change the look and functionality of any space – it sets the mood, and can create a bright and convivial atmosphere, or a cosy vibe for chilled out evenings.

If your lighting looks lacklustre, then check out these four inspiring ideas that will help you see the light.

  1. Colour Change Blubs

With colour change bulbs, you’ll be able to change the lighting to suit your mood, and Philips Hue could be just the solution for you!

These lighting experts have a wide range of both bulbs and lighting strips so you can change the rooms aesthetic to suit your current needs. The app comes with a wide range of pre-set moods that are perfect for every occasion, from study sessions to wild house parties. 

And the biggest benefit of the app? You can control the lights from your phone regardless of where you are, making it look like someone’s at home when they’re not.  

  1. Fabulous Fixtures

With so many fantastic light fixtures out there, you should make your lighting another feature of your space. 

From elegant chandeliers to bulbs hanging from wires – such as the stunning installation at The Avenues Mall, Kuwait, crafted by Mike Stoane Lighting and Ormiston Wire – you’ll be sure to fine the perfect solution to suit your style.  

When you start thinking of your lighting as less as a means to an end, but instead an crucial part of your décor, you’ll realise your full artistic potential as an interior designer. Plus, the ornateness of some of these features put sculptures to shames!

  1. Neon Signs

Want to create a fun talking point for your living room? Neon signs are highly popular right now, and these fantastic features will instantly grab the attention of your guests and add colour and character to any space.

If you’re going to invest in one, then go all out and go unique. Use an expert company such as Sculpt Neon, to achieve the design of your dreams. Whether you want a good morning message, and inspiring quote, or a fun pun, they’ll provide you with beautiful bespoke décor. 

  1. Natural Light 

It’s important not to forget natural lighting. Letting in as much natural light as possible can vastly improve how your room looks – there’s really no substitute for it. If you have the budget, then add more windows to your property. 

Exposure to natural light can help to elevate your mood, so consider having a skylight installed – this is particularly effective in the kitchen. And, if you want to go big, you could even replace a whole wall with glass, though this is probably better for one of the rooms at the back of your house rather than the front!

Tell us about your inspiring lightning designs in the comments below!

Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels


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