Overnight Chocolate Protein Oats

Overnight chocolate protein oats; a quick healthy breakfast for busy mums on the go.

A new year’s goal of mine was to make sure I am having three meals everyday. It sounds crazy but I am actually terrible for making sure I eat breakfast and lunch; I tend to sort the kids out and then I might pick at their left overs or grab a quick snack on the go, something usually full of sugar. With four children and a business to run I need my energy levels to be high all day or the 2pm sluggish fatigue kicks in and I am no good to anyone!

Morning’s in a household with 4 children are never going to be a the picture of tranquility let’s face it. So I’ve been looking for things I can make in advance or make a big batch of. I shared a recipe recently for my breakfast muffins which I have been loving. I thought I would give some overnight oats a try and after a few train and error batches I think I have nailed them!

Overnight oats are great to make in advance, they’re also so versatile so you can really make them to suit any tastebuds.

Overnight chocolate protein oats

I am such a chocoholic so overnight chocolate protein oats are the best! These are amazing they take just a few minutes to prepare, they’re super filling and really tasty. I never thought cold oats would be for me but the greek yogurt makes them so creamy and delicious. The protein in the greek yogurt also means they keep you fuller for longer. You can also add in some protein powder to make them even better!

What are overnight oats?

With Overnight oats you pretty much get what it says on the tin. Oats that you prep and leave overnight. We all know porridge is a great way to start the day but we don’t always have time in out busy lives to cook it in the morning. Overnight oats give you all that goodness with non of the fuss.

What Type of Oats are Best for Making Overnight Oats?

I have been making overnight oats for a long time and have found the best oats are classic rolled oats they absorb liquid to give a nice creamy texture. They’re also really inexpensive and can be  bought in bulk!
Some people don’t like the texture of oats (crazy right) rolled oats can be blitzed into a flour before use that’ll give you more smooth consistency.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 75g of rolled oats
  • 300g low fat greek yogurt
  • 100ml skimmed milk
  • 3/4 tbsp cocoa powder

How to make overnight chocolate protein oats

Simply add all ingredients to a Tupperware or a bowl you can cover give them a good mix.
Pop in the fridge overnight – simple as that!This will make a good 2 portions for me, it is very filling! Top with some strawberries and chia seeds for a little extra goodness or just eat as they are.

Yum, this is such a quick east breakfast that I just love I can grab it on the go and know it’s not only healthy but will keep me going until lunch time.

Overnight chocolate protein oats

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