Elsie Is Four Months

My little lady has been with us for a whole 4 months now! It has gone so incredibly fast but at the same time I can’t remember life without her now. She slotted in like the missing puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing. She’s getting so big now and changing all the time so i thought I would share a little ‘Elsie update’.

Elsie at four months

What a little sweetie here she is doing her least favourite activity – sleeping! 

Elsie’s sleep was getting so much better; she was going to bed at about 6:30/7pm and then waking around 1am for a feed, going straight back to sleep again until around 5/5:30 where she would feed/doze until we got up at around 6:30-7. Now, some people would see that and wince but I was getting a few quality hours of sleep in and it was working just fine!
However; 4 months hit and so did a sleep regression, for the last couple of weeks it’s been like having a newborn all over again. Babies seem to have a way of luring you in to a false sense of security to then snatch it away and start from scratch! It’s been tough; add in the fact we have now entered another lockdown,, cranky babies and home schooling really don’t mix. Although having said this she dis only wake once last night so fingers crossed we are other the worst of this phase!

Elsie is loving toys right now, in fact she just loves play time. Tummy time has gone from being a chore to an absolute delight! It’s full of giggles and babbles as she lifts her head right up talking to her little mirror baby friend and her toys. We got her a tummy time pillow which really seemed to help.

She’s also starting to roll now, she goes from side to side with ease but if she goes fully over then her arm gets a little stuck, it wont be long until she’s there though. As we all know once they start moving around you need eyes in the back of your head so for now I am happy she is still staying put!

Although we haven’t got any little teeth yet, Elise is definitely teething! Lots of dribbling, lots of gummy biting, some rosey little cheeks and interesting nappy goings on are a few of the signs we’ve had so far so I am fully expecting a little tooth or two to pop through soon!

A snap from Christmas! Elsie obviously had absolutely no idea what was going on but we had a blast! I didn’t go mad of presents for her as she doesn’t really need anything but we picked up a few little bits and instead of a stocking I made a sensory bag which has been a huge hit. We can’t go to any sensory classes due to covid restrictions so I am doing my best to create my own at home – it is good fun and ill be sharing some more posts on that soon.

Overall Elsie is doing amazingly well. We’re all done with her vaccines now until she’s one so that’s a huge relief they’re always horrible! I feel like she’s really left that newborn stage now and is becoming a proper little person with a personality all of her own! We’re starting to think about weaning and cots now and although they’re still a few weeks off it really does feel like a whole new chapter!

I have shared a little update over on my YouTube Channel and for those of you who want more regular updates on us all make sure you follow my instagram.


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