Life Lately..

Eeeek I have really been neglecting my little corner of internet space!

I love my blog so much but with the baby, kids, youtube etc I have found less and less time to get to typing. It’s funny though as of all the platforms I am on this is for sure where I feel most comfortable. As I sit with my head phones on, a sleeping baby in my lap and my laptop open in front of me I remember how much I love and miss it!

Any who a little update on life lately – I don’t know how else to describe it other than BUSY!

It’s amazing how busy you can be when you have absolutely nothing to do. Unless your reading this way way way in the future you’ll also be currently in a ‘lockdown’ and lets face it – it sucks.

The kids are off school so I am juggling home schooling with the usual demands of mum life and looking after a family – did I also mention towards the end of last year I started a new business?

Yes, I am mad. But at least life is never dull!

So on the whole 2021 is off to a terrible start but I am trying to remain optimistic. The girls are happy, Elsie is thriving and I don’t have to do the school run! Woo.

I had a low week last week where I couldn’t see any of the positives and I just wanted my life back to normal but after a weekend of moping and a bit of self care I am feeling my old self again. I am sure many of us are having these up and down days so I am always free to chat.

Anyway the baby is starting to stir and the girls just started WW3 over a game of top trumps so until next time.. (hopefully not months again).


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