Elsie Is Six Months Old!

Elsie is six months old!

Where on earth did the last six months go! It’s passed by in the click of the fingers but equally it feels like she’s been here with us forever and my big bump is a distant memory.

Hitting the six month mark brings about lots of changes, Elsie is now having food. Lots of it – she’s taken really well to weaning but she knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t! Elsie seems to have taken after mummy and has a sweet tooth. She loves her fruit and yogurts but the more savoury flavours she isn’t so keen on. She does eat it reluctantly most of the time but if she’s over tired she has been known to have a full blown melt down until she gets a yoghurt – a sure sign of things to come – opps.

Elsie has also now moved into her own bedroom… sort of. As she still doesn’t sleep through the night, she’ll do her first stint in her big girls cot and around 3am she comes into us. It’s not ideal but it is what it is. She does go down all by herself in her cot and goes off to sleep which I find incredible as the girls NEVER did that.

Turning six months has also bought around a whole new wardrobe for this little lady! How adorable is this personalised tracksuit that was kindly gifted from Cookie Dough Kids. I absolutely adore the colour I think it suits Elsie so much and the quality is just amazing!

I have found with some other pieces I have bought from different independent stores the quality just isn’t there but it’s definitely not the case with this brand – it’s washed up really well and is a lovely soft cotton with lots of different options of colours to choose from. I really recommend. Elsie is wearing the crew neck personalised loungewear set in Dusky Pink.  Check out their full range of personalised baby clothes here.

She’s also so close to sitting up by herself – she can balance for a while and then starts to tip to one side – bless her. Tummy time is a bit frustrating for her at the moment too as she can go from her front on to her back easily enough but then gets a little bit stuck. It wont be long until she’s off though!

That’s all for my latest little Elsie update! I’ll share more again soon. 


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