Goodbye June, Hello July!

And breathe… 

June was quite possibly one of the most exhausting months of this year. I started my new job!! Which I must say I am absolutely loving – three weeks in now and I just know that the was the best decision for not only me but the whole family.

Yes I’m working longer hours, yes it’s a juggle with the kids but for one I love the job. The people I work with are great, each day is different and I feel challenged. And two the girls have adapted really well, they are enjoying going to extra clubs and making new friends, it’s so nice. Each evening they have a whole host of stories to tell me and they are always interested in hearing about my day. The work life/balance isn’t quite perfected yet, but when is it ever!

Other than working June has also had lots of fun, I went to see the spice girls with two of my besties! It seemed like everyone and their neighbour went to the concert but it was so so good. We danced and sang our little socks off and had the best night.

We also saw some sunshine – at long last. The girls and I made the most of living by the sea side and had a few beach days. Watching the girls build castles, dig holes, catch little crabs off the pier and  swim in the sea is just amazing! We are so lucky to live where we do.

Lastly one of my best friends asked me to be her bridesmaid eeeeek! I am so excited and feel so happy to just have been asked we’ve already got the hen do booked in for Vegas next year!

My goals for June included decorating, filming and reading. We definitely ticked off the decorating box, check out my bargain bathroom make over here. Filming – meh, I did actually film quite a few videos. Editing them was another story but i do have a stock pile of footage waiting to be edited! As for the reading, I finished a book so I’m calling it a win.

July is set to be insane. I feel like I say this every month but as I was sorting out my diary today it really is just such a busy month – as you all know that is how I like life to be! I will report back with more next month for now keep up with out adventures over on Instagram.


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