Bathroom Makeover For Less Than £100 | V33 tile paint review

I’ve been very busy this week doing some home renovations! I am so happy with how the bathroom makeover went I wanted to share how I achieved a whole new look for less than £100. The bathroom was in need of a little face lift but as I am living in a rented property I didn’t want to spend thousands putting a new bathroom in. Using the V33 tile paint was incredible to create a brand new look!

So read on to find out how I transformed my bathroom for less than £100 using the V33 tile paint.

V33 tile paint before and after review

As you can see the bathroom before – I had some rather fetching 70s style blue floral tiles. How these were ever on trend I don’t know but seemingly they were very popular at one point!

I was very lucky in that although old and not to my taste, the tiles themselves were in very good condition. They had been put on to a high standard previously and grouted really well. The prep work to my redecoration was therefore quite minimal.

I gave the bathroom a good deep clean, ensuring all tiles were clear of any soap scum or gease.
I went over with a sugar soap to be sure and make nothing remained and dried the tiles throughly.

Now it was time to paint!

Using the V33 tile paint

The tile paint I used is the V33 Renovation Anthracite Satin Wall tile & panelling paint, it was really easy to follow the instructions on the tin. Once the tiles were properly cleaned and dried I mixed the sachet of activator into the paint and mixed for 5 minutes.

Note: once the paint has been activated it must be used within 10 days. 

Working in small sections I then painted a thin layer straight onto the tiles using a foam roller and a brush making sure to get an even coverage and no drip marks!

Then it’s a waiting game, you need to wait 6 hours in between coats. Once 6 hours is up go over again starting in the same place and again using a roller.

V33 tile paint one coat

This is one coat in, as you can see it’s a little wishy washy but never fear the second coat will sort it all out!

Once the second coat applied and you have your desired look you need to wait a further 48 hours before getting the paint wet. A bit of a pain if you only have the one bathroom but well worth it for a new, fresh looking bathroom.

V33 tile paint before and after

I am so so happy with the final look of the tiles they look so good I highly recommend using the v33 tile paint. A week on we’re back to using the bathroom as normal and it’s great! I must admit I was scared it would all wash off but it’s stayed firmly put.

I also painted the remaining tiles with a regular bathroom paint and updated all the bathroom accessories for the final finishing touches.

Tips for using v33 tile paint

  • Use a small foam roller to avoid brush marks
  • Apply in thin layers.
  • Wait 6 hours between coats – it will dry before that but wait 6 hours!
  • Allow 48 hours after your final coat to before you get it wet.
  • Use within 10 days of activating.

Update 6 Months on

Lots of people who have read this blog post have messaged me asking how the bathroom is a few months on. I can honestly say after 6 months of five of us using this bathroom day in day out the paint is still perfectly in place. even around the shower and sink where it gets the most wear and tear there is not a single sin of flaking or peeling.

I am so impressed with the v33 tile paint I couldn’t recommend it more. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will have a fab make over at a really reasonable price.

V33 tile paint review

And that is how I renovated my bathroom for less than £100! I hope this post has been helpful to anyone looking to make a quick update on a budget.

Watch my haul video to find out where I picked up the new products.


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  1. June 16, 2019 / 8:38 pm

    This looks so lovely – what a difference! It looks like you did so much for such a small cost too x

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  4. April 8, 2021 / 12:34 pm

    Thanks! It’s also interesting that you can be nominated for a free makeover. Your friends and family might be able to tell an inspiring story and make producers select your home for a makeover. Many non-profit organization have free home renovation programs. It’s worth a try, maybe 🙂

  5. May 3, 2022 / 9:57 am

    Very informative and practical! Love it!

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