Bathroom Makeover For Less Than £100!

I’ve been very busy this week doing some home renovations! I am so happy with how the bathroom makeover went I wanted to share how I achieved a whole new look for less than £100.
The bathroom was in need of a little face lift but as I am living in a rented property I didn’t want to spend thousands putting a new bathroom in.

So read on to find out how I transformed my bathroom for less than £100.

As you can see the bathroom before – I had some rather fetching 70s style blue floral tiles. How these were ever on trend I don’t know but seemingly they were very popular!

I was very lucky in that although old and not to my taste, the tiles themselves were in very good condition. They had been put on to a high standard previously and grouted really well. The prep work to my redecoration was therefore quite minimal.

I gave the bathroom a good deep clean, ensuring all tiles were clear of any soap scum or geese.
I went over with a sugar soap to be sure and make nothing remained and dried the tiles throughly.

Now it was time to paint!

The tile paint I used is the V33 Renovation Anthracite Satin Wall tile & panelling paint, it was really easy to follow the instructions on the tin. Once the tiles were properly cleaned and dried I mixed the sachet of activator into the paint and mixed for 5 minutes.

Note: once the paint has been activated it must be used within 10 days. 

Working in small sections I then painted a thin layer straight onto the tiles using a foam roller and a brush making sure to get an even coverage and no drip marks! Then it’s a waiting game, you need to wait 6 hours in between coats.

This is one coat in, as you can see it’s a little wishy washy but never fear the second coat will sort it all out!

Once the second coat applied and you have your desired look you need to wait a further 48 hours before getting the paint wet. A bit of a pain if you only have the one bathroom but well worth it for a new, fresh looking bathroom.

I am so so happy with the final look of the tiles they look so good. A week on were back to using the bathroom as normal and it’s great! I must admit I was scared it would all wash off but it’s stayed firmly put.

I also painted the remaining tiles with a regular bathroom paint and updated all the bathroom accessories for the final finishing touches.

And that is how I renovated my bathroom for less than £100! I hope this post has been helpful to anyone looking to make a quick update on a budget.

Watch my haul video to find out where I picked up the new products.


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  1. June 16, 2019 / 8:38 pm

    This looks so lovely – what a difference! It looks like you did so much for such a small cost too x

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    March 29, 2021 / 8:46 am

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  4. April 8, 2021 / 12:34 pm

    Thanks! It’s also interesting that you can be nominated for a free makeover. Your friends and family might be able to tell an inspiring story and make producers select your home for a makeover. Many non-profit organization have free home renovation programs. It’s worth a try, maybe 🙂

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