Worrying about rainy summer days? Here are 6 activities to keep everyone happy..

The summer holidays are the time of year where the kids are free from the pressures and constraints of school, they get the chance to grow mentally and physically as well as spend plenty of time with their friends and of course, their family. Summer is my favourite time of year, simply because of all the glorious memories we get to make in the sunshine; days out, swimming, picnics, walks, days at the beach…

But what about those inevitable rainy days? A whole day stuck indoors with little ones who are bored and grumpy – despite having rooms filled with toys – are enough to put fear and dread into the heart of any parent! So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 6 activities that will keep everyone happy on those rainy days in summer.

Good luck!

Back to basics

When I was little, I loved nothing more than sitting at the kitchen table and colouring away for hours. So, break out those old crayons and felt tips, print off some colouring pages – check out Ink cartridges at printerinks.com for the latest prices – or find some old colouring books and let their imagination run wild. It might sound super simple, but that’s because it is. And more often than not, the simpler activities are usually the ones that entertain them the longest.

Get some reading time 

There’s something super soothing about curling up with a good book whilst the rain lashes at the windows. So, bring your little ones in close and delve into a good book. They could choose their own and you can take turns in reading them, or maybe even start a children’s novel to continue reading throughout the holidays. You could even get them to write their own story afterwards and decide what happened next to the characters! Pull up the blankets get cosy, chances of falling asleep: at least 90%! 

Get tidying

I know, I know…it doesn’t sound like the greatest activity in the world and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of protests about it. But while the weather is poor you might as well clear out the kids bedrooms, rearrange furniture, vacuum, clean and have a good sort out. Let the kids decide what can go to charity, find out what clothes no longer fit them and keep them busy! 

Have a movie afternoon

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like sitting in front of the TV as a family and watching a good film. It’s a good opportunity to reconnect and spend time together. Bring on the popcorn! 

Go outside

Who says you have to stay indoors? Sometimes a good old puddle jump is enough to tire the little ones out for the afternoon. You don’t have to go far, even the back yard or down the street will provide enough fun!

Bath time

It might not be bath night, but why not keep them busy in the tub? They can have a wash, get their hair sorted and play for a while. Add some glow sticks to the bath to make it a bath party, or add some bath goo or slime to make it really interesting! 


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