Hunting Eggs At Kingston Lacy

A lovely bank holiday weekend has come to an end! How gorgeous was the sunshine, it was so so gorgeous. Needless to say as soon as we’ve gone back to work and school the rain clouds have returned – always the way! But I still have the fond memories from a pretty perfect long sunny weekend.

On Sunday we went to Kingston Lacy, one of our favourite National Trust spots to do their cadburys easter egg hunt, have a walk and a picnic on the front lawn. It was such a lovely morning and as per usual I took a bunch of photos though-out the day.

I wanted to share them on my blog. My blog always started out as a kind of online diary, a way to document what we’ve been up to, and although I do feel super fortunate for they way it has evolved I miss just sharing the everyday things we do.

So in spirit of that I am vowing to share a little more of what we get up too each week and a little bit more behind the scenes.

These photos below are all shot on my iPhone and edited using a colour story.
I did have a camera with me but in true Amy fashion the battery died so I made do with my phone.
How amazing in portrait mode on the iPhone by the way – amazing for capturing that back ground blur.

Kingston Lacy is full of bluebells at the moment,  I am hoping to go back and do a proper little photoshoot with the girls soon surrounded by the bluebells.

They had some nature frames along the way round the trail – great photo spots.

I am a little bit in love with Maisy’s lepord print jumpsuit, I would quite like it in my size. It was a fab little find in Primark.

We loved the Kingston Lacy egg hunt this year, the girls answer all the questions, drew some fab pictures and each won their own egg. Mummy helped them finish them though because you know I am nice like that! 

Where is your favourite place to do an egg hunt? 


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