The Real Greek & Fun At Mr Mulligans In BH2

A girly night out is often all you need to unwind, forget all the day to day stresses and have a little bit of a giggle.

When BH2 invited myself, Emma and Katie down to go for dinner and have a little game of crazy golf   it felt like the perfect opportunity to go and have a child free catch up with two of my favourite local bloggers!

We started off in The Real Greek, as you have probably already guessed a greek restaurant. The Real Greek instantly makes you feel as though you have been transported to the country itself. It’s full of culture and the menu is divine.

Greek food is up there with some of my favourite, I love it – in fact we’re going to Greece next month on holiday and I am just so excited for all the food and greek wine!

We chose a variety of hot mezze dishes to share, it’s without doubt the best way to eat in The Real Greek, you have to try the halloumi fries, they were so good and I’m not even a huge halloumi fan!

Our eyes were far to big for our bellies, but it’s such great value for money in The Real Greek you can’t help but order was more than you need. We loved how laid back and relaxed the restaurant is, we sat chatting, eating & drinking for over two hours it was lovely!

After dinner we headed into Mr Mulligans, I have been to Mr Mulligans with James in the past and we love it! Definitely would recommend if you are looking for a fun little date night.

Come evening Mr Mulligans basically turns into crazy golf for grown ups – there’s a bar, music, neon lights and the choice of three different courses – what more can you want! I have never eaten in there so can’t comment on the food but it’s just so much fun having a few drinks as you go round attempting to put the ball.
I am rubbish at crazy golf at the best of times but it’s always such a laugh.

Here I am looking puzzled as to why my ball is on the other side of the room when I’m stood over here. It really is a skill to be as bad at crazy golf as I am, Katie was equally as terrible so it was fine!

We had such a fab night, a big thanks to BH2 for hosting us for the evening. BH2 is a fantastic complex with so many great restaurants and fun things to do in the heart of Bournemouth. Ever since it arrived a couple of years ago it’s turned into the hub of the town and I really couldn’t imagine Bournemouth without it.


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  1. September 20, 2020 / 3:22 am

    Great article! Thank you!

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